Keeping Your Child Healthy & Safe

Every Kiddie Academy® has secure entries, authorized pick-up procedures, cleaning protocols, and completed background checks for all staff.

Health Essentials - a set of standard operating procedures that can help mitigate the spread of potential infection throughout all Kiddie Academies.

Our Four Principles For Health

To keep children healthy, each Academy also follows our Health EssentialsSM guidelines. Health Essentials covers four preventative, protective, and corrective principles to uphold the highest level of health precautions and cleanliness.

Wellness Education is a part of Health Essentials at Kiddie Academy

Wellness Education

Education is the first step to prevent the spread of germs.

We ensure children and staff are informed about healthy practices

  • All staff recieve Health and Saftey Training
  • All staff must abide by enhanced health and safety practices outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Children learn how following proper hygienic practices can keep them healthy

Enhanced hygiene is part of Health Essentials at Kiddie Academy Education Child Care

Enhanced Hygiene

Soap and water is the best solution.

Children and staff must wash their hands:

  • Upon entering the classroom at the start of the day
  • When re-entering the classroom after exiting
  • Before eating
  • After using the bathroom
  • At all other recommended times
  • Following standard Academy handwashing procedures

A clean facility keeps families safe. Creating Healthy Environments is part of our Health Essentials plan at Kiddie Academy.

Healthy Enviornment

A clean facility keeps families safe.

Academies adhere to advanced cleaning procedures:

  • Daily laundering of soft items and bedding
  • Multi-step cleaning process
  • Disinfect classrooms throughout the day
  • Deep cleaning for entire Academy
  • Limiting items brought into the Academy

Symptom Monitoring

Keeping a watchful eye.

Our staff is trained to look for potential symptoms exhibited by children in their care and immediately:

  • Log symptoms using AcademyLink
  • Isolate symptomatic children from others immediately upon observation
  • Check the child’s temperature
  • Contact parents for pickup from the Academy