Our child absolutely LOVES being there. Every day he asks to go to school the next day. We love all of the teachers too! - Lauren C. on 07/23/2017

I love the teachers and the atmosphere! - Carolyn F. on 06/17/2017

Geared to help kids learn and still have fun! - Kelly C. on 06/12/2017

They are so sweet to my child and support him on both good days and days he is grumpy. He's learned so much from the curriculum and is far further than where most kids his age are. They truly care about each child as well as communication with parents, can't ask for more - Karin K. on 06/11/2017

clean environment and friendly staff - Saroja V. on 06/05/2017

The staff facility is wonderful, the opportunity to learn is great, and the staff are like family and really care! - Kirk C. on 05/30/2017

You are the best! Sofia LOVEs going to school at Kiddie Academy Cranberry! - Nick M. on 05/16/2017

The kids are having so much fun, they don't even realize they are learning so much. - Brandi A. on 05/02/2017

I love the themes they have each month. My son still talks about self-reliance, and he's only six. The teachers are great. They really seem to care about the kids and take an interest in their development. Miss Jackie has been wonderful about giving me reports when we have rough times so I can talk with my son about it and we can work on whatever is causing problems, but she does just as well giving me reports about the good things so he feels good about himself. She's does very well balancing things so we can work with my son very easily to improve behaviors, etc. It's safe. The director and assistant director are very approachable. We've been very happy with everything at KA! - Courtney M. on 05/01/2017

Attentive teachers. Good communication methods - Mimi E. on 04/15/2017

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