Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, we have answers. This list of Frequently Asked Questions tackles most general inquiries, covering a wide range of topics. If you need more information, contact your local Academy and they should be able to help.

Q: How much is tuition at Kiddie Academy?

A: Tuition at Kiddie Academy is affected by your child’s age, programs, days and hours your child attends, and location. Contact your local Academy for specific costs.

Q: What is your health and safety policy?

A: Each Kiddie Academy has secure entries, authorized pick-up procedures, cleaning protocols, and completes background checks for all staff. To keep children healthy, Kiddie Academy follows our Health EssentialsSM guidelines to uphold the highest level of health precautions and cleanliness.

Q: What will my child be learning?

A: Focused on six key outcomes for your child, our proprietary, developmentally-appropriate Life Essentials curriculum gives your child a full day of fun and learning.

Q: How do you use technology in the classroom?

A: Technology is incorporated as a supportive learning tool in a balanced way for learning activities such as science, literacy, and math content.

Q: What are your teacher qualifications and training requirements?

A: All Kiddie Academy educators must meet or exceed the state requirements for child care providers, including background clearance, education qualifications, and ongoing professional development.

Q: How can I find out more about Kiddie Academy?

A: Kiddie Academy has been shaping, fueling, and nurturing children’s natural curiosity since we opened over 40 years ago. You can find out more by visiting the Our Company page.

Q: What if my child has food allergies?

A: The health and safety of your child is our top priority. Please, speak with your local Kiddie Academy directly to learn how we will accommodate your family.

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