Very professional and organized day care. I love the daily and weekly updates of my child’s progress. - Angela D. on 08/15/2018

Great curriculum, great communication. - Julie H. on 08/15/2018

I like: the structure in each class ( 2 teachers, manners, play stations,...) and the director. Amanda makes our lives easier (in terms of paperwork, dropping off and on, little "accidents" with potty...). She manages the center well and it shows. The only thing that I don't like is the big turn around of teachers - having kids to re-adjust to new people. Overall, I will recommend Kiddy academy and I already did. And, Hoping good teachers stay longer. - Elizabeth F. on 08/15/2018

Communication - Ryan K. on 08/15/2018

My child is exposed to a variety of educational experiences - from Spanish lessons, to music, to learning how to write and his ABCs! - Erica R. on 08/15/2018

what a pleasent place! highly recommend! - Natalia D. on 08/15/2018

Warm, caring people. Helpful and understanding. Knowledge of early childhood education. Availability. - Michelle C. on 08/14/2018

Great academics - Jada G. on 08/14/2018

The personal attention! - Shalini S. on 08/14/2018

They treat my children as their own. The teachers are all exceptional! - Jamie M. on 08/14/2018

Ability to speak directly to respective class teacher while in the class room is very helpful. - Sandeep G. on 08/14/2018

Ms. Linda spends a lot of time preparing lesson plans that are creative and fun. Children learn best through plan and it is clear that she understands this principle. - Morghan T. on 08/14/2018

Activities are good and interesting. Kids gain a lot of knowledge and fun from it. And this academy give very detailed report abouy kids. Nice services. - Siwen Z. on 08/14/2018

the providers get to know the child very well. My daughter LOVES going to daycare because of her caregivers. I am a new mom so daycare was a stressful idea for me. The fact that she squeals with happiness when we pull up takes all that way. in fact, the daycare is the only place/people that I am comfortable with watching her :) - Jennifer J. on 08/14/2018

I really like that there are themes each week in the infant room and that they try to do things for the babies to learn about different animals, letter or the environment. - Kelly M. on 08/14/2018