Parents Testimonials

Since starting here three months ago, my girls have learned a great deal from their teachers. Miss Felicia and Miss Lois are absolutely amazing with Elliana. She had, in my opinion, fallen a little behind with certain milestones since I was a stay at home mom. She has completely surpassed said milestones and I couldn't be more thrilled. I trust Felicia with my daughters lives. I know, I know, she's her auntie, but still. ? Miss Heather, Miss Katrina and Miss Sue are wonderful with Izabella. I know there have been some rough mornings but all three of them know her cues and tend to her. I was afraid Bella was falling behind too, but after many chats with Heather, I know Bella is right on track. I'm so very lucky to have my girls with me everyday. It's also a big bonus that being here has made me feel like a part of the kiddie academy family. - Kinni V. on 07/15/2019

Personal and loving care! - Kelly K. on 07/14/2019

Very educational and STEM focused. The Summer camp is an amazing opportunity for the kids too! - Eric A. on 07/13/2019

Our family couldn’t be happier with the care and kindness that our daughter receives from her teachers and staff at Kiddie Academy! As full-time working parents we can’t thank Kiddie Academy enough knowing that our little girl is in the best hands while we are at work and being well taken care of, while having so much fun and learning so much all at the same time! Highly recommended!!! - Amy R. on 07/13/2019

No longer use for educational services. Attending summer camp. - Amit K. on 07/12/2019

Very accommodating and flexible w/ changing days due to changes in job schedules - Stephanie L. on 07/12/2019

Henry is always so happy around his teachers and everyone at Kiddie Academy. You can just tell that he feels so comfortable in his classroom—every teacher he has worked with has always given him so much attention and love. I love seeing the pictures and videos about what he is doing each day—he never gets bored. - Jamie F. on 07/12/2019

Communication and collaboration to keep our baby healthy and happy! - Hope T. on 07/12/2019

Clean, friendly, warm environment - Jennifer J. on 07/11/2019

The staff and teachers are very attentive to my daughter and all the kids that I have seen. Very positive environment, clean, lots of activities, and my child is happy and love school because of it. - Jenifer O. on 07/11/2019

Everything is great! Would like to get more pics throughout the day or on the daily report. Also better positioned cameras in the lambs class and other areas of the school. - David P. on 07/10/2019

Excellent compassionate and engaged teachers - Lauren P. on 07/10/2019

We appreciate the great communication from staff, the quality of activities for the children, great menu, a safe place for kids to play ouyside, daily photos capturing the activities, and care provided for the children. - Emily G. on 07/10/2019

I LOVE everything about Kiddie Academy in Millersville. The staff is amazing! Great communication and Dana (owner) is amazing, she communicates well with parents and I have seen her help her staff a lot. Teachers talk to me about how my kid day was. I enjoy getting picture updates of my little one. I like that I can check up on her on the camera anytime of the day. My little one is learning so much. We are so happy she is part of the Kiddie Academy family. - Corina M. on 07/10/2019

EVERYTHING - Kathryn F. on 07/10/2019