Parents Testimonials

All the staff are very loving and understanding. They are trustworthy. They do everything possible to make everyone feel safe, and cared for. They focus on my child’s specific needs, and make her feel important. The teachers do an excellent job of preparing kids for a head start in kindergarten. I love all the updates the staff report on the activities of the day- and photos. - Julia S. on 01/14/2020

The staff Is wonderful. My children are learning and being cared for in a safe and fun environment. I would recommend kiddie academy to any local parent. - Julie D. on 01/12/2020

The use of the tadpoles system for electronic reports, pictures and video capabilities. Cleanliness of the facility. The teachers that my child has had have been wonderful. - Andrea H. on 01/09/2020

My daughter has thrived at kiddie academy and we love the teachers - Nicole Y. on 01/09/2020

Provides a caring and educational place for my son to grow, learn and play. - Lindsey S. on 01/08/2020

Very friendly staff.. - Raghuram Prasan Vasanth G. on 01/07/2020

They take great care of my child. I love all of the daily emails and pictures about what happened throughout the day. Also, the communication through text messages and email are amazing! I already recommended this place to my cousin and now her son is attending! Truly a wonderful place! - Amanda H. on 01/07/2020

My little girl loves Kiddie academy and the teachers and administrators are really awesome they take very good care of the kids and their families. - Ramya R. on 01/07/2020

The way that the teachers incorporate learning into fun activities is amazing it ranges from painting with ice cubes to using flour to create footprints in the snow. The lessons are structured but allow for the flexibility necessary to encourage individual growth and development. The children's curiosity is encouraged and fostered in every way possible. - Susan G. on 01/07/2020

Everything - Amanda M. on 01/07/2020

Always amazing - Jelena V. on 01/07/2020

Our daughter is currently enrolled in the newborn class and we really enjoy receiving the daily report which includes details of what was introduced to her and her class. We are excited to be apart of the Kiddie Academy family for years to come. We love the staff so much! - Ashley H. on 01/07/2020

The curriculum is great, and the teachers really care about the kids! The facility is clean and homey, and I know that my little guy is always safe and well cared for. - Clare H. on 01/07/2020

Everyone is kind and responsive. Their documentation in Tadpole around daily lessons has been tremendously helpful in my having discussion with my sons about their days. They have consistent communication with parents about school events and illnesses which is helpful to me as a parent in planning our lives. - Holly J. on 01/06/2020

My daughter loves her teacher in the kindergarten room and her day is filled with fun learning and activities that she really enjoy. The school also offers healthy and nutritious lunch and snack, which encourage my daughter to try and eat all kinds of vegetables and fruits. The school is very well organized with great curriculum and management team. Would highly recommend to anyone! - Ying C. on 01/06/2020