Parents Testimonials

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Staff is always communicative and very good instructional program! - Lekisha H. on 03/20/2023

I love kiddie academy of little Neck. Great environment for children...teachers are warm friendly an knowledgeable daughter has excelled here an I am so sad this is her last year...we will miss everyone especially Ms Gloria the owner ms Gina the director an ms Cindy one of my Daughters first teachers ....If you are looking for a safe space for your child with quality education look no further this is the place - Shoshana B. on 03/19/2023

All the staff are consistent and they really try hard to remember each child's name. Also they are really nice and attentive, my child loves going to school there. - Celia M. on 03/19/2023

I love that my child is truly loved and embraced by the entire staff at Kiddie Academy. There are several opportunities for him to use his imagination in his classroom. The teachers are constantly fining new and creative ways to engage all the children and structure their lessons to be both captivating and developmentally appropriate. As both a parent and an educator I see that safety and structure are a huge part of my child's growth and development and Kiddie Academy as well. - Melissa H. on 03/19/2023

Our family really happy with my daughter Ella attends Kiddie academy in Little Neck. She is happy and asks go to school everyday. Teachers are caring and respectful. My daughter also learned so many things even I didn’t expect. One day she shared what she learned at school during dinner. All families were surprised and even my 3rd grader asked what is “locomotion”. My 3 year old daughter explained to her brother. That was so amazing. - Wei Y. on 03/19/2023

I think overall Kiddie Academy is a wonderful institution and would recommend to anyone looking to out while child in daycare. Some areas of feedback - I’ve observed that the size of the classes seem to be a challenge to manage consistently and cause faculty to become overwhelmed. Also, seems like screen time is used more often than necessary to manage transitions as children are promoted to older classes. I feel like books can be read aloud to the kids vs. Putting them in front of a screen to keep them in one place, which provides continuous exposure to reading and story telling. Also helps teach impulse control. Otherwise - I feel like kids thrive educationally and become prepared well for kindergarten. - Barbara B. on 03/19/2023

Excellent - Natalia R. on 03/19/2023

The are great.. they provide great care and are always ready to help with any needs that you may have. - Alexandra V. on 03/19/2023

Very engaged teachers that really care about their classrooms. - Philip F. on 03/19/2023

It's a great school. Teachers are super nice. My kids love it! - Jun P. on 03/19/2023

Caring staff. Close to home. Hours that work. Teaching is in line with our values - David J. on 03/19/2023

I like that teachers have the opportunity to learn the curriculum that Kiddie Academy provides for them. The lesson plans are structured and based off of my child’s age and where she should be at developmentally. - Claudia B. on 03/18/2023

A warm and welcoming group of teachers and staff. Everyone is eager to help support the care and education of my child, and that means the world to me. - David E. on 03/18/2023

The staff and teachers - Lucinda V. on 03/18/2023

I love the structure of the classes, and they provide you with the class schedule showing what they’re teaching your child. Love it!! - Laura B. on 03/18/2023