Transitioning to the 3 year old class has been great. Miss Jenn and Miss Jackie prepare age appropriate lessons and activities. The organization of the classroom and toys seem easy for the kids to have access to when/needed. Also, I appreciate the time given at pick to discuss my child's day, plus the Tadpole recap is very detail oriented. - Ellen M. on 04/17/2019

Personalized attention and true curriculum - Michelle C. on 04/16/2019

Love the staff - Ashley B. on 04/16/2019

The best staff ever. Great team. We are blessed. - Mehrez S. on 04/16/2019

All of the staff are kind and knowledgeable and love children. The curriculum is great. I also love that they do so many art projects! - Diane L. on 04/16/2019

Great teachers and staff! Environment is clean and there are lots of activities for kids and families. - Clemisha G. on 04/16/2019

The teachers are very caring and invested in my child's learning. I love how much time they spend outside with the children and the facilities are great. - Emily G. on 04/16/2019

Caring teachers who engage and personalize care for our child! Quality of materials used and standards is very high. - Abe S. on 04/16/2019

I can go about my day knowing that my children are safe and secure! - Brittany C. on 04/16/2019

Teachers are very caring and well trained. They provide constant education and love all day every day. - Carissa S. on 04/16/2019

The teachers are very good with the students, the staff is friendly, my granddaughter loves to go to daycare everyday. I think it's an excellent place for kids to learn. And I would highly recommend Kiddie Academy to all my friends. - Sheila P. on 04/16/2019

The digital video feed and the daily reports. The photos taken by the teachers are nice and downloadable so the parent can feel like they are not missing their child grow. My daughter has is happy every day - Shani S. on 04/15/2019

We love everything about Kiddie Academy - the teachers, the activities, meals, family nights, facility cleanliness, communication - Beth W. on 04/15/2019

The entire staff, including management, is attentive and genuinely care about my child. I love the cameras so that I and family members can check in on my little one. I highly recommend this Kiddie Academy. - Kimberly C. on 04/15/2019

Great staff! Great facilities! All the extra curricula activities. - Jessica L. on 04/15/2019