The lead teacher in classroom 8 is experienced and has very detailed and diligent practise of the curriculum. She keeps parents informed and the best part is my child shows the results!!! for both character and education. - Beryl J. on 10/20/2018

I like that my daughter is learning. When she talkes to her cousin that is 6 months older than her she has more that she brings up from what she is learning. Ms. Danielle is always telling me how her day was at pick up and with tadpoles I can see photos and the activities she did. She has made friends and plays too. It is definitely not free play and not sit at a desk all day. She has a great balence. - Kirsche M. on 10/20/2018

Very caring staff and teachers - Denis H. on 10/20/2018

My son's teachers are so great! He adores them and so do I. His sleeping has vastly improved and he's even able to put himself to sleep on his own at times. I love the continued art projects and watching them sing songs. He's also an avid reader and it's great to see him reading books in his class. - Danielle W. on 10/20/2018

I love that the director and teachers are so attentive to all the children. They know all the children Ann’s their parents by name. Also love the tadpole app!! I can also tell my son loves going there because cries to go there at times! Thank you for everything!! - Janice M. on 10/20/2018

KA has a student-centered curriculum that develops kids intellectually, physically, and emotionally. - Stephanie M. on 10/20/2018

Friendly teachers and level of education - Michelle T. on 10/20/2018

The teachers are simply awesome! Very loving and caring! Love the cleanliness of the school. Love how u keep kids engaged in different activities all day! - Uttra T. on 10/19/2018

KA of wading river is not just an educational day care service, it is a family. I love how much can son learns every day but I love how much he is loved even more! - Dana R. on 10/19/2018

Amazing staff! Great hours. Our kids love it there. They do not want to leave. - Tracey D. on 10/19/2018

I love receiving pictures and videos throughout the day. I’m so impressed with what Kylie has learned in the 6 months that she has been at KA. - Mindy R. on 10/19/2018

I appreciate so much that I can drop my kids off and know 100% that they will be well taken care of. Trusting your kids childcare provider makes all the difference. Not only are they well taken care of, but they are having fun and learning while they are there. Thanks for taking good care of my babies. - Brittany C. on 10/19/2018

The different activities to teach children - Eduardo F. on 10/19/2018

Everything!! Very professional!! - Margaret N. on 10/19/2018

My children have grown so much since being at KA. I am surprised daily at what they come home knowing. I have no doubt they will be ready for Kindergarten. - Lisa S. on 10/19/2018