Very organized. They respond right away if you need anything. They provide food and you can watch your baby all day. Love them

The curriculum is amazing and the teacher are compassionate

My daughter is very happy in kiddie academy, when i pick her up she usually cries to stay. I can see huge improvements in her knowledge. And every one is very nice with me as well as my daughter. I also love the fact that there are different activities going on every week.

I love the fact that the teacher are all very hands on and caring to each child. Children love being at a place that they feel cared for, and this exactly what kiddie has provided to both my children.

The best part of this daycare is management I feel. We have been very fortunate with most of the teachers on site and we feel comfortable with Michelle, Jen and Bryan. We were extremely happy to see that this year there was acknowledgement of Mother's and Father's Day! Thank you!!

Most of the teachers are loving.

I love kiddie academy. My daughter comes home happy every day. The teachers love the children, and I know they are in good hands.

I like the different projects the kids work on, how much they learn, and they are able to play outside. Our kids are excited to go to Kiddie Academy every day.

Great programs, creative learning, great and positive staff!

Thank you for taking such good care of my girl! We feel so comfortable knowing she is in good care. She loves it!

Friendly and engaged teachers and owners Clean well stocked facility (lots of toys, supplies) Ongoing training for staff

Wonderful place for children to grow and learn!

My daughter learns something new every week which is great

Some Spanish, sight words are used at a young age.

The staff is very friendly and works well with my son. My son loves going there