Parents Testimonials

Kiddie academy are amazing, the staff how the children learn. If I can keep my son up to 12 grade I would. I highly recommend kiddie academy - Yianira R. on 02/18/2020

I LOVE THE STAFF!!! My son is so HAPPY to go to school now and that speaks for it self - Starlette H. on 02/18/2020

We love the teachers most (including, but not limited to, Ms. Anna, Ms. Liz, Ms. Maria, Ms. Florence, Ms. Sam, Ms. Lilly, Ms. Jenn, Ms. Patty). We also appreciate the extended hours that are offered and the fact that food is provided (and you're willing to work with some of our dietary preferences). - Troy V. on 02/18/2020

Kiddie academy has a wonderful staff and clean facilities. I’m very grateful to them for providing childcare in a safe and healthy environment - Roseanne L. on 02/18/2020

I like that there is an actial lesson plan for the kids, that they have a good spectrum of learning, even for the toddlers and babies - Toria S. on 02/17/2020

Very nice teachers and staff! - Lisha D. on 02/17/2020

We liked everything in there, very nice stuff, so kind teachers, good care for kids. I am very happy that I took him there. The staff is great and very friendly. I'll recommend this place very much. - Vanessa C. on 02/17/2020

The facility is well organized and clean. The staff are always helpful and pay attention to each child. - Judith K. on 02/17/2020

Great learning environment! My son loves it and is doing very well here - Megan S. on 02/17/2020

That even at a young age they introduce art, social skill and learning all in a fun matter that keeps the attention of the littles and teaches them. The kids are always doing something from yoga, new songs, and fun art projects etc! - Sarah B. on 02/17/2020

Friendly staff, and hours that work great for working parents - Drew I. on 02/16/2020

Great staff! - Geraldine F. on 02/16/2020

Ms Tina and her classroom - Tracy S. on 02/16/2020

The center is amazing. They work with you in everything - Laura F. on 02/15/2020

Well organized, clean, friendly staff and awesome curriculum. My daughter comes home with some amazing crafts. - Gloria Y. on 02/14/2020