Parents Testimonials

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Teachers are so very kind! - Sasha V. on 12/03/2022

Teachers in lavenders are amazing and so caring! I love the education based approach and access to the cameras + daily reports. So happy we chose Kiddie Academy Fishers Landing. - Michelle W. on 12/03/2022

We love the instruction, the updates with pictures and videos on the app, and the teachers! We also enjoy all of the family events to include parents and grandparents! - Amanda C. on 12/03/2022

great teacher! my son loves his school! - Elizabeth K. on 12/03/2022

The teachers are so very kind and love the kids. You can see why they’re in the profession they’re in. They’re open about the children’s strengths and what they need to work on. The instructors work closely with parents to set a plan for success, may it be something such as working on sharing or potty training. Their food they make is phenomenal - love they incorporate all the different foods for kids to try - and healthy. Our child will scrape the plate clean no matter what they serve; can’t say the same thing at home - we clearly need to take some cooking lessons with Khalida to improve our skills. Overall, we are so happy we joined to the KAU family. - Christina B. on 12/03/2022

The consistent care towards the care and educational services provided. - Sandy M. on 12/03/2022

We love everything from the facility to the staff. I wouldn’t want to have my child anywhere else! - Eva G. on 12/02/2022

The staff is just amazing! - Jessica O. on 12/02/2022

The staff is very friendly and genuinely cares about my child. - Sophie T. on 12/02/2022

Friendly and trustworthy staff, good communication, clean and safe facility. - Leah H. on 12/01/2022

How much my son has come home and showed how much he's learned. Ms Holly class rocks! - Jerica G. on 12/01/2022

Small class size - Elizabeth W. on 12/01/2022

The child specific care - Carol H. on 12/01/2022

I love this school. Within a week of enrolling, everyone knew our names, and really does treat us like family. Super flexible and always so friendly. I love it here and could not recommend it more!! - Andrea D. on 12/01/2022

Teaching, cleaning, being organized, following directions - Christina P. on 11/30/2022