Parents Testimonials

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We have been very impressed with Kiddie Academy since switching in August. - Hillary T. on 03/18/2023

I like the directors, and that my kids love it their. The teachers their are really nice. - Janae B. on 03/18/2023

Very interactive & treat kids like family ! - Victoria A. on 03/18/2023

We love Kiddie Academy of Buda, they have an amazing staff. Teachers are all very nice my daughter enjoys going to kiddie academy every day. Every day she learns something new. - Aracely S. on 03/18/2023

Both of my kids attend Buda Kiddie Academy and I wouldn’t have it any other way! They treat them like family and the kids love going to “school”. I’m extremely grateful for this daycare and Miss Sonia is doing an amazing job as the new Director. I’ve seen improvements in many aspects and my family is grateful for her. - Elizabeth D. on 03/18/2023

Communication, teachers, facility - Holly P. on 03/17/2023

the management is awesome! - Stephanie L. on 03/17/2023

Just about everything. The meals are provided, the Daily Report/Tadpoles, pictures throughout the day, the atmosphere of the different classrooms, the staff, etc. - Samuel D. on 03/17/2023

Maxwell loves going to school every day. He loves the teachers and his classmates. Also, he is learning so much! - Elizabeth D. on 03/17/2023

The staff is great. All very caring and engaged with the kids. The facilities are clean, newer, and camera technology is a plus. No need to worry about meals. The menu provides a variety of food which gives my son the opportunity to try new things. He eats his vegetables everyday. Many special programs and activities throughout the year to keep the kids entertained, especially in summertime. And most importantly, my child is happy, cared for, and is excited to go back each day. - Gail A. on 03/17/2023

There are so many wonderful things I want to say about Kiddie Academy. Kiddie Academy is like a second family to both our daughter and our family as a whole. They offer a safe and happy environment to all the children. She is also being taught some much and they help with her development too. I would highly recommended KACT to anyone. - Courtney S. on 03/17/2023

I like how affectionate your are with the children, the care, the discipline, the activities, the classrooms. - Blanca E. on 03/17/2023

That you guys make it fun and the teachers interact with the kids. You prepare them to be ready for kindergarten. You guys go beyond the standard teaching guidelines, my son can go straight into the first grade. - Zenalda G. on 03/17/2023

All the teachers care about the children and my kids learn so many things every day! They absolutely love their teachers and going to kiddie academy! - Irene I. on 03/16/2023

Teaching, the kids are very well prepared for Kindergarten and first grade. Excellent curriculum and excellent teachers. - Chet N. on 03/16/2023