Parents Testimonials

Excellent staff, excellent education. My kids love this places. - Darleni P. on 08/19/2019

The teachers go above & beyond. The detail they out forward towards my child education is unbelievable - Lisa D. on 08/18/2019

We love how we feel like a part of a giant family at Kiddie Academy, the bonds he has been able to create with the teachers and the other children in his classroom, and how much he has been able to learn so far. We also love the cook! - Soraya H. on 08/18/2019

We like Kiddie Academy and hope you continue doing great work with the kids. Best, Neil Pokharel - Nirmal P. on 08/18/2019

We love Kiddie Academy. We have been there for over 4 years. We would recommend them to anyone! - Brandi M. on 08/17/2019

The teachers love their students and treat them as their own. No matter what the children are always first! My kids have learned so much and love going every day! - Heather M. on 08/17/2019

It’s organized, there is good communication between the office and teachers always easy to get a hold of them. They are beyond accommodating. The children seem happy and are learning - Amie K. on 08/16/2019

The staff is incredible! Ms Judy and Ms Diane bring out the best in their staff with positive energy, professionalism and great communication. Kiddie Academy hours are great and the location is convenient and accessible. All of the classrooms are spacious and very clean. My daughter is learning here, playing, and gaining great social skills. She's learning to complete tasks, share, use good manners and they even helped us with potty training!! The Tadpole app keeps me connected throughout the day with pictures and videos of my daughter's daily activities. We have had a tremendous experienc and we're now entering our second year. We look forward to keeping our daughterat the Kiddie Academy for UPK and anticipate lots of learning, growing and fun! Did I mention that the staff is INCREDIBLE?! Dennis - Dennis S. on 08/16/2019

I love the structure and how safe I feel leaving my child while I go to work. The staff is great and helpful and always keeps me updated with his daily activities, sending pictures and everything. The curriculum is set up so I know what he’ll be doing. I love that he gets to have fun while learning in a safe environment. - Ashley C. on 08/16/2019

I truly love the care the teachers have here! My son loves Miss Christine and so do I! I like that they have food offered and the convenience of the hours is incredible! Miss Candice is truly the sweetest person to deal with!!! I've had no issues with anyone here like I did with the last daycare! I'm very happy! - Jennifer M. on 08/16/2019

All the staff and Mrs. Jamie are awesome, my sons been there almost 5 years now ?❤ - Ashley W. on 08/16/2019

My son has been going here for 3yrs, I worked here for 8yrs. When I went to a new job I left him enrolled at this center because I love the relationship he has with his teachers. They treat him as if he were their child. The office directors are amazing, cheerful and very helpful. - Quadasha V. on 08/16/2019

The teachers are great and very attentive, our daughter has learned so much with all the fun activities and playtime with other kids, we love kiddie academy of whitestone. - Hajer F. on 08/16/2019

We love Kiddie Academy and their staff!!!! - Michelle E. on 08/15/2019

We love Kiddie Academy! - Kate M. on 08/15/2019