The teachers are really committed to getting to know my toddler. My 19 month old loves to go to this school. I can tell because she smiles when I pick her up, walks in front of me when I drop her off and know several of the teachers name and only know me as mommy. The daycare has a stimulating curriculum with a diverse staff. Overall, great place. - Krystal K. on 02/13/2019

I appreciate receiving notifications throughout the day regarding educational standards being reviewed with him. Noah has been able to learn sign language skills, listen to music, and be engaged in other skill building exercises. The teachers also take the time to sit with him and hold him from time to time, an important practice to us. Feedback in regards to changes are taken very well. This program is highly recommended. - Precyous W. on 02/13/2019

We really enjoy watching our son blossom at this school! He thrives in the challenging curriculum and he has been lucky to have some of the most dedicated teachers during these most formative years! - Jessica S. on 02/13/2019

Every teacher individuals the children according to their needs. - Logan K. on 02/13/2019

Staff and front of office - Angelica M. on 02/13/2019

Wonderful teachers and staff! fun activities every week and the provided meals are so helpful - Stefanie G. on 02/13/2019

Great staff! Lots of activity. Schedule is consistent. - Rohan F. on 02/13/2019

We love Kiddie Academy and the curriculum. Our son is excited to come to school everyday and it’s so fun to see him so excited to see his teachers and his friends - Kim L. on 02/13/2019

I like the structure of the classes and the daily reports. - Marissa A. on 02/13/2019

Great staff and they treat my kids great! Administration is wonderful and everyone is real personable! - Brooke P. on 02/13/2019

Always exceeding our expectations! Our daughter will be more than prepared when she begins kindergarten. - Jennifer P. on 02/13/2019

friendly staff! - Sandra K. on 02/13/2019

Incredible, personalized attention to our children and us as parents; excellence in best practices; safety is priority - Michael T. on 02/13/2019

Location is perfect. The owner is a very nice lady which makes me feel comfortable and safe. - Swetha A. on 02/13/2019

The care, food, and the fact that my daughter learns so much every day. - Tessa F. on 02/13/2019