Parents Testimonials

My kids love going to school each day! Communication is great. Tadpoles and Watch Me Grow are awesome ! - Anna D. on 11/22/2020

I love that in some daily pictures, I can see the goals that my child is meeting. Most importantly, my child is happy every day, and I know that she is being loved and well cared for. - Victoria L. on 11/22/2020

Fantastic! Very caring and responsive employees. I feel very safe dropping off my child. - Katherine C. on 11/21/2020

Very caring staff safe and responsible. - Elizabeth M. on 11/21/2020

We know that Ms. Mel and Ms. Kayla are going above and beyond to tech and care for our kids - Cory B. on 11/21/2020

All the teachers are great and we can really notice the impact it has on our son's development. He looks forward to daycare every day. Naps and meals have been so much better under the guidance of Kiddie Academy. - Dan R. on 11/21/2020

I like the nurturing environment - Stacy S. on 11/21/2020

Ms. Kristina is fantastic! She is so creative and imaginative. The activities and lessons our son does each day are wonderful. He is learning so much. We are very lucky to have Ms. Kristina as our son’s teacher. - Marcie H. on 11/21/2020

I really like the way how the staff is taking care of our 11 months old. Our son is also enjoying going to daycare everyday. - Hemadeepthi D. on 11/21/2020

Safe and great learning environment for children. Teachers and administrators are mindful towards students’ needs. - Eugene C. on 11/21/2020

My child is well taken care of and thriving, - Natalie G. on 11/21/2020

My girls are learning so much. - Shawana B. on 11/21/2020

My 5 year old son and 1 year old daughter have been absolutely thriving since starting at Kiddie Academy O’Fallon in August. I cannot say enough amazing things about the staff at KAO; it has been so refreshing to have my children in a school that I trust is truly keeping their best academic and social/emotional interests at the forefront of their education. I wish I could name every teacher and staff member to give a shout-out, but it’s literally every single one of them. We just love Kiddie Academy! - Kayla R. on 11/21/2020

Thank you for taking care of my daughter. I love that her teachers and fellow students are very diverse, so she is learning about diversity every day in the classroom. One teacher excels in multiple languages and one has experience with her own child so they each being different dynamics to the room. My daughter is quickly growing into a well-rounded, polite, and intelligent young girl. - Jody M. on 11/21/2020

My kids are learning and developing every day. - Kendra H. on 11/21/2020