Parents Testimonials

We have loved having our kids at this daycare above all others. The staff really cares about the kids and makes learning fun. I never have to worry if they are being well cared for while they are there. - Amanda M. on 03/02/2021

Great Place! highly recommend this place and feel extremely comfortable with care my son receives ! HE LOVES IT HERE ! - Alicia C. on 03/02/2021

Everything!!! The attentiveness, cleanliness, routine you implement, educational skills, the friendly people!!! - Stacey G. on 03/02/2021

Responsive office. Teachers communicate often and clearly enjoy working with kids. They provide lots of different and fun educational activities. - Roxy S. on 03/02/2021

The personal attention and family like atmosphere is unmatched. I feel so good about sending my little boy there and he absolutely LOVES it! Not only is everyone approachable and friendly but the education and outreach to parents is above and beyond anything I could ever ask for! - Natalie M. on 03/01/2021

Safety and happy environment for the kids keeping in mind the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, exceptional teachers/caregivers/administration team and good communication. My little girl is always looking forward to attend the academy and enjoys a good time with her friends. - Violet M. on 03/01/2021

The Director and Teachers are great and really care about the children. There is no one else I would trust with my girls. - Lauren M. on 03/01/2021

The facility and caring teachers. - Augustine N. on 03/01/2021

The attention to detail that the teachers provide. Safe and clean environment - Angeliki H. on 02/28/2021

How they care for the kids and the whole staff is so professional and respectful! - Neftalin F. on 02/28/2021

Kiddie Academy is a great balance between education and fun. A lot of activities are play based learning and keep my 4 year old’s attention. He has learned a lot since starting at Kiddie Academy. - Justine T. on 02/28/2021

Friendly caring workers , a great atmosphere for Aidden. - Kimberly A. on 02/28/2021

My daughter is always happy and I can tell she’s learning so much. The entire staff is friendly and always professional. Any questions, issues or concerns are always addressed right away. - Victoria L. on 02/28/2021

The teachers are genuinely happy to be there and invested in the well being of the children. This, above all, is what makes it great. The overarching structure, curriculum, as well as COVID precautions are also excellent and come from the top down. But if you don’t have a staff committed to these, things can easily fall apart. The staff and teachers here are all excellent and the care they take in their jobs and the children really shows. - Julie H. on 02/27/2021

The staff - Michael G. on 02/27/2021