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Why Parents Love Kiddie Academy Educational Childcare

The security and how the educational environment is. I feel my son is thriving and learning. - Patricia P. on 04/18/2024

Reliable, caring, actually educate, clean, friendly, thorough - Madelyn T. on 04/18/2024

We recently switched from another childcare facility and have a fresh comparison. The environment at KA is calm, The communication is consistent, informational, and caring (product recalls). Our teacher Mr. Justin has an amazing curriculum which keeps the kids engaged and out of trouble! The food menu is wonderful and full of healthy options to get kids strong, healthy, and mindful of fruits and vegetables. Our favorite thing about KA is our teacher, Mr. Juston, the facility and staff, and the assurance of knowing our kiddo is happy and cared for. - Rachel R. on 04/18/2024

My kiddos have learned so much by going here. They love their teachers and everyone is very friendly! I feel that my 5 yr old is all ready for kindergarten! - Julie U. on 04/18/2024

Staff is great, activities are good. Sometimes teachers have too much on hand to do. Other than that, it's great. In general, pick locations that are not at giant intersections. It should have a nested or cozy feel, not a strip mall feel. - Siddhit S. on 04/18/2024

The service is reliable, and staff are friendly and caring. My kids have a stimulating environment the opportunity to play and learn. - Danici S. on 04/18/2024

Staff is very patient and puts a lot of effort into helping the children grown and learn. - Jason M. on 04/18/2024

Food is provided, great center amenities - Maria G. on 04/18/2024

Different engaging activities for different age group of kids - Rohit K. on 04/18/2024

Everything is great and our daughter loves it. - Jose F. on 04/18/2024

Have a two ways of exiting the facility. - Shamona L. on 04/18/2024

The people who work there are great. The communication is good which is important. Also the willingness to work with different schedules and requests. - Jaime M. on 04/18/2024

Everything! Teachers and front desk staff are amazing! They are friendly and caring. They have additional activities like gymnastics, soccer, piano lessons…and that makes parents’ life easier. My kid loves to go to Kiddie Academy! - Jovana K. on 04/18/2024

Very professional environment and my kids tell me they can’t wait to go to school and play and learn with their teachers - Stephanie L. on 04/18/2024

Kiddie Academy offers exceptional early childhood education. My preschooler does gardening, science experiments, and Kindergarten level math! They tailor work to the needs of the students and take really good care of them. I also love the family events that they host. Truly a great place. - Shakeba S. on 04/17/2024