Parents Testimonials

The teachers are so dedicated!!! It’s all positive vibes from the moment you enter. Whenever you have a question management is always accessible to answer. They respond quick to e-mails, phone calls, and are flexible to chat even at drop off or pick -up. They give the kids healthy meals, they do outdoor activities, indoor activities on rainy days. Their months are plan ahead so that each month the kids have something to look for be it baking, pajama day, crazy hair day, etc. We are very great full for all Kiddie Academy does for our little ones. - Ana A. on 06/12/2021

Caring and friendly staff - Amy Biggar M. on 06/12/2021

Awesome! - Ranjith C. on 06/12/2021

The daily updates. I love the frequent communication via tadpoles. I enjoy the teachers and staff and how everyone knows my child name - Natalie J. on 06/12/2021

Structure, various learning options - Lauren K. on 06/12/2021

The activity planned camp schedule staff is fantastic - Teresa D. on 06/12/2021

My son has Autism Spectrum Disorder and upon his diagnosis we were bullied out of our last child care center. Kiddie Academy has been a huge blessing for our family. They have been so accommodating with the schedule of his therapists coming to the school and have even attended team meetings to learn about his behavior plan and autism in general. The teachers are so eager to learn about ASD and how to help our son integrate into his class. We have seen so many improvements in our son since changing to the Kiddie Academy of Odenton and could not be happier! - Amanda L. on 06/12/2021

Good place that cares - Ben A. on 06/12/2021

I like that my child is actually learning on a daily basis! The teachers do such an amazing job with the curriculum and my child comes home with something new to talk about each day! - Christalynn G. on 06/11/2021

I love how kind, understanding, and helpful the staff is. There have been some minor bumps along the way, which is to be expected when dealing with leaving your beloved children with others, and the most we could as for is a caring staff to hear our concerns and work to make us feel more comfortable, which they have. Our location has a very loving family-like feel to it and they truly make you feel special and that your child is very well known and never forgotten among them. I also appreciate access to cameras throughout the day to ease some of my nerves. My daughter has made many loving relationships with other children, office staff, and teachers alike. - Nicole V. on 06/11/2021

After moving from a different educational childcare center to Kiddie Academy, we have seen such a change in Lola. She is happier going to school and talks about her friends and teachers all the time. Two of the best takeaways from our move are 1: the stress that existed around potty training at her old school totally evaporated and Lola was completely potty trained probably 2-3 weeks into our move. 2: we had no idea how much we were missing when it comes to education. Lola had never attempted to write her own name at her old school. Kiddie Academy is way ahead of the game when compared to Lola’s prior school, and we are thrilled with the progress we see her making. We also notice that the turnover rate amongst teachers is far lower than our old center. On top of all of that, everyone at Kiddie Academy is way more pleasant to deal with. We could not be more pleased with our move and would definitely recommend! - Kristine K. on 06/11/2021

The family atmosphere is top notch here - Greg S. on 06/11/2021

The staff and administrators are amazing, the teachers are so caring. I know my daughter is safe and loved here! - Megan B. on 06/11/2021

We're very please with the service and care that is given to our daughter. Thank you - Cassandra M. on 06/11/2021

Phenomenal Staff. Director manages facility thoughtfully coupled with compassion for the kids. - Karl K. on 06/11/2021