Parents Testimonials

I love their people and the school overall - Johanna S. on 08/15/2019

Staff is great. Learning centers are great. - Jaimie M. on 08/14/2019

The personal attention my child receives and the accessibility of the teachers when I have questions. - Charissa F. on 08/14/2019

I like the child care expertise and the curriculum and attention to the child's special needs. The special events are a plus too. The teachers and the care givers are exceptionally good. The ability to watch my child's live video is an added plus. Excellent pre-school. - Susmi R. on 08/14/2019

The caring teachers are my favorite thing at Kiddie Academy! They rock!! - Angela P. on 08/14/2019

The teachers and the rest of the staff are very good. I see a lot of improvement in my kid and it makes me happy that Kiddie Academy is doing their job well. - Rajeshwari P. on 08/14/2019

I really like working at Kiddie Academy. I like the fact I can bring my kids with me. They get transportation from Kiddie Academy to school and from school to Kiddie Academy. Plus my kids love their after school program as well as their summer program. - Esther L. on 08/13/2019

The teachers truly know and care about my daughter in the infant room. They are always on the floor playing - Lea B. on 08/13/2019

We love how open you are to hearing from us and how responsive you are to requests we might have. We can tell you care a lot about our family and we appreciate that. - Katie V. on 08/13/2019

I love how I can drop my son off and KNOW that he is being taken care of. I like being able to log in and check on him. Not packing a lunch and snacks is a huge help! I love how welcoming everyone is and how we are not made to feel like a burden like we have felt at other places. - Bethany D. on 08/13/2019

Facility is secure, staff is friendly and patient, curriculum seems to be on target with the age group - Yvette G. on 08/13/2019

Friendliness of the staff and cleanliness of the center. Hands-on age appropriate learning every day but also a place where kids can have fun. - Elizabeth H. on 08/13/2019

We love Ms Gemma and Ms Allanah! The staff is great, we love how friendly everyone is. We also appreciate the clean facility! It's nice to be able to know our kids are safe and loved and well taken care of. When both parents work full time, we can feel guilty for not spending time with our kids, but it helps to know they're in such good hands. If I could make any changes, I would pay the staff more, but make tuition less! (I know, impossible). I'd also like to see more emphasis on "education", making sure each child is being evaluated and being challenged accordingly. The grammar on the daily reports could be better too! Overall, I'd recommend this school to my friends and family. We love all the art projects too, and enjoy any opportunity to incorporate the themes being discussed in the classroom at home! - Molly S. on 08/13/2019

The staff is wonderful - Kelly B. on 08/13/2019

Fun, engaging, interactive. - Stephanie A. on 08/13/2019