Parents Testimonials

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Staff and programs - Edward G. on 11/21/2022

The teachers and admin staff are both wonderful! This is the best school. We have daughters that have been in the newborn class and pre-k and both have had great experiences! Would highly recommend! - Katie M. on 11/21/2022

Management, Teachers. Cleanliness, education. - Ruchi P. on 11/21/2022

The KA-community and coverage make me feel like my children are known and not just a number. It's understood that attrition is part of life these days, especially with day-care and the fact that there is more than one individual (several in fact) that are in-tune with my children makes me confident that the system offers a nurturing environment. Kudos to the staff and the hiring managers for finding great teachers in tough times. - Daniel H. on 11/21/2022

Our 2 year old comes home everyday with new knowledge and with a smile on her face. We love this for her. - Maureen K. on 11/21/2022

We toured a lot of childcare facilities in the area. Kiddie Academy is the best for cleanliness, curriculum and safety (cameras). - Shane O. on 11/21/2022

The teachers are fantastic. - Kyle S. on 11/21/2022

I love the ability to receive email updates of their days it calms a mother's heart when feeling guilty of being gone all day in knowing they are having fun while learning. - Andrea H. on 11/21/2022

Everything! Holy moly, our kiddo is so happy! - Micah S. on 11/21/2022

The teachers and staff are fantastic, friendly and very supportive. - Derek D. on 11/21/2022

I appreciate the transparency we receive from admin, and the caring teachers my daughter has experienced so far. - Jennifer P. on 11/21/2022

Teachers are very nice and caring - Nandini B. on 11/21/2022

Great teachers - Walter J. on 11/20/2022

Everyone of the teachers are doing a great work - Victoria G. on 11/19/2022

Daughter is learning and We are able to see her growth and development - Shandrecka W. on 11/19/2022