Parents Testimonials

The staff and all the teachers there show so much love towards the children. My son comes home with something new he has learned. He is learning new words and trying more to express what he wants. I so incredibly pleased with Kiddie Academy New Market. - Angeline J. on 05/13/2020

Safe and clean environment with great staff - Kayla S. on 05/13/2020

Everything is hands on and interactive - Keshia W. on 05/13/2020

It’s clean, there is video cam you can monitor your children, staff are super nice and are nurturing in the baby. - Mercy M. on 05/13/2020

How much the teachers care about the children. Treat them like one of their own and gives me a sense of relief. - Tiffany S. on 05/13/2020

The staff is friendly and communicative. My son looks forward to going to daycare every day. The facility is clean and accommodating. - Aaron L. on 05/13/2020

The teachers and staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. - Anaka T. on 05/13/2020

Teachers and staff work with and try to support parents - Betty D. on 05/12/2020

wonderful staff, clean, love the daily pictures and reports - Sarah F. on 05/12/2020

My child is in the infant class and they work on fine and gross motor skills which is very important for that age group. I love that I can see her growth daily and that if she is to ever no be meeting a milestone on time that the staff will work with her to get her where she needs to be. - Brittany St C. on 05/11/2020

Kiddie Academy is excellent at providing age appropriate learning activities. They always keep the kids engaged as well as provide a caring atmosphere. - Courtney A. on 05/11/2020

We have really enjoyed having Lance at Kiddie Academy. He had been with an at home sitter until Kiddie Academy and while I knew he would benefit from the classroom setting, I was concerned about pulling him from his at home sitter that he had been with since 6 weeks. Kiddie Academy is hands down the best place for my son and we have seen him grow and develop by leaps and bounds. Every night, I ask him what his favorite part of the day is and he always answers, "going to school". We love Kiddie Academy and are so thankful they build a facility in Rockwall. - Katy M. on 05/11/2020

How the caregivers are so well trained - Bianca K. on 05/11/2020

Caring staff - Elizabeth J. on 05/11/2020

I cannot say enough about the love and care you all have shown during these crazy times. We already were so grateful for all the amazing things our teachers have done for us but to see the entire Kiddie Academy team come together to guide us at home in order to create a less stressful transition to home learning for our kids has been invaluable. Thank you for zoom check ins, class lessons, oh so important Ms Melissa recipes, patience and care. Can’t wait to get back! - Katie L. on 05/11/2020