Parents Testimonials

Teachers care about the children. Subjects that are being tought and the way it is being delivered to the kids. Daily reports are great. - Christeen M. on 08/07/2019

We love the staff! Always friendly and our child feels like she is at home with them! - Amber J. on 08/07/2019

Focused and well rounded - Alba A. on 08/06/2019

The teachers are the best. My daughter has learned so much and I know that the teachers truly care about her. - Jennifer D. on 08/06/2019

Really good teachers( for the most part), good management - Nanda R. on 08/06/2019

We love Kiddie Academy! Our boys are safe and happy and that’s all we can hope for. - Percy C. on 08/06/2019

Learning is made fun. - Anusree S. on 08/06/2019

Friendly teachers, good care service, outdoor activity, happy feet. It's all great. Great staffs, great cares, great facility - Ning M. on 08/06/2019

I like the regimented plan for developmental growth. I am, however, curious if the plans are tailored to the individual child's needs when they reach an age that comprehension can be measured. - David G. on 08/06/2019

Everything, the teachers, the facility, management, tad poles, cameras, food, activities, pictures. We have been beyond pleased with EVERYTHING. - Taylor J. on 08/06/2019

Kiddie Academy observes the children's needs and creates and environment where each child can grow at their pace while still challenging them - Aurisbel N. on 08/06/2019

Great staff! - Elissa P. on 08/06/2019

The variety of different educational activities they do each day. My son is always learning something new! And they make it fun! - Stefanie H. on 08/06/2019

The amazing teachers! - Franchesca T. on 08/06/2019

I know my son's teachers truly care about him. They listen to my requests and when I give updates one changes to his feeding schedule, food types and anything else developmental wise. - Camille G. on 08/06/2019