Parents Testimonials

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I love all the cameras and updates through out the day! I really like all the staff, they are all super friendly and welcoming! A family feeling when I drop my kid off! I love all the activities and story times that are done as well! - Britney S. on 06/01/2023

All the staff is incredibly nice! The Kiddie Academy staff treats my son like their own! I love it there - Arthur (John) L. on 06/01/2023

The staff super friendly and helpful, the facility is clean, and I've seen my child learn and grow so much throughout the 3+ years attending. - Gabriela C. on 05/31/2023

The teachers and directors are such helpful, wonderful people. The school is so organized and a beautiful place for learning! I loved the daily reports on what my daughter was learning and she had so much fun. - Anna C. on 05/31/2023

My 5 year old is learning so much and is able to be creative - Catherine L. on 05/31/2023

Mr. Tim's ability to create a warm and welcoming classroom environment is beyond words. My child feels safe and supported, which has helped her be successful. Teaching preschoolers requires immense patience, and he demonstrates it in abundance. Through his creative and engaging teaching, he's instilled a genuine love for learning in my child. She is excited to come to school every day and share new things she has learned. My child is strong willed and can feel difficult at times, but Mr. Tim recognizes and celebrates each child's individual strengths, abilities, and interests. He has created a learning environment that encourages self-expression and helps her shine in her own unique way. She is the youngest in the class, but she is thriving! I can't thank Mr. Tim and Ms. Israa enough for everything they do! - Michayla P. on 05/31/2023

Great place for vpk. My son enjoyed going there. Teachers and staff were awesome! - Carlito A. on 05/31/2023

Great teachers, great program! - Shannon K. on 05/31/2023

We love Kiddie Academy. The staffs and teachers are super friendly and caring with the children. My child is always excited to go to school. I wait for my child's daily update pictures and notes. The program is really great. - Rituparna C. on 05/30/2023

Love how much the teachers care for my baby and work in different developmental skills with him! - Lauren M. on 05/30/2023

Our son has been with Kiddie Academy at East Brunswick for about one and half year. And we have to say we really enjoy here: First, the academy has an excellent enriched program for the kids to play and learn. We have always been amazed by how much our son learned at the academy like the life cycle of the plant, and of course math & words as well. Second, the academy has a really caring team. Our son occasionally had troubles of being willing to go and stay at school and may have an emotion breakdown. Whenever that happens, the teachers and stuff have always been there calming him down, cuddling him and making him feel better. They also do a really good job praising how my son is doing which really helps him boost his confidence. Third, the academy offers lots of activities which we enjoy a lot. This includes fun activities on Mother's Day, Music Party etc. In general, we would really recommend Kiddie for your beloved little ones. - Hong W. on 05/30/2023

The team is amazing. - Alicia S. on 05/30/2023

I love how you make my daughter feel special, she’s always so happy when she sees she’s going to school. - Kaeshel V. on 05/30/2023

Kiddie Academy had been incredible for my toddler daughter. She has been going since she was around 5 months old. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. The daily updates as well as end of day email is also fantastic. Ms. Michelle not only teaches my daughter English, but she is also learning Spanish. All around a great daycare. - Sean A. on 05/30/2023

There is a night and day difference from when my child started at Kiddie Academy. It just feels better. I’m more comfortable leaving my her. She loves her teacher and I feel like they genuinely care about her and her well being. The staff is kind and hears out my issues. As of recent, I’ve been room itself is constantly seeing new toys and learning materials added to the room which is so awesome. Babe brings home lots of fun projects. I do, however, wish that tadpole reports came sooner after pick up. Sometimes I don’t receive until much later in the evening and sometimes they are incomplete (I understand it’s tough with so many children). But at her age especially it’s important for me to know and understand her sleep/eat patterns. Also, I don’t like how we now have to take the car seats with us. Mostly because I work so far away and would hate to have the car seat in case of an emergency situation and she needs to unexpectedly be picked up by someone else. Overall, I’m so impressed and thankful to have my daughter at such a great school. Nadine, Trina and Marlana are AMAZING, and I really appreciate Cortina, Val, and Janelle for always being so warm, welcoming and kind. - Sasha K. on 05/30/2023