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Why Parents Love Kiddie Academy Educational Childcare

You truly love my child and care about who he is and who he is becoming. - Meghan W. on 04/16/2024

The attentiveness from all staff. The entire building looks out and gets to know every child. - Joia T. on 04/16/2024

It feels safe, clean and like family - Tayler C. on 04/15/2024

Overall, it's a great place where my child and I feel safe as a single working full time mom its nice to know your child is taken care of when your away . However, considering the high cost of this daycare, I expected better meals the day care cost are as costly as paying rent twice yet I'm still having to pay extra groceries to pack lunch for my child since they're still hungry during school hours. which i understand should be a parents responsibility but c'mon im paying a whole rent payment least they could do is provide more food for the 1400*8 kids in there stop being stingy we make you enough money already - Joseline Y. on 04/15/2024

We love the teachers both of our children have - they are caring and both girls love seeing them everyday which makes us feel good to have them there. Our older one learns so much and is always talking about what she did in class. Our younger one seems to have fun playing and brings home cute artwork for us. We also like the friendliness of the rest of the staff when we drop off/pick up! - Lauren L. on 04/15/2024

My son loves to go to school/daycare. I believe that is a good indicator that he has a great time there. - Diana V. on 04/15/2024

All of the teachers our daughter has had so far have been wonderful, compassionate, knowledgeable, and you can truly tell that they love the work that they do! My daughter has been saying more words since starting at Kiddie Academy, and has been exposed to so many fun and educational activities that I wouldn’t necessarily have the time or resources for if we kept her at home until she was pre-school aged. She spends the day with kids her age, and even though it’s hard to tell at her age, it definitely seems like she’s building friendships with the other kids in her class! - Gabriella C. on 04/15/2024

That the teachers give us so much comfort leaving our Kids with them. They show them a lot of love, nurture and patience. - Yesenia C. on 04/14/2024

Professionalism, administration, and wonderful teachers - Rebecca S. on 04/14/2024

The communication and hands on activities are amazing! - Paula S. on 04/14/2024

The staff love my kid. They are always so happy to see and and he is so happy to see them too! The way they handle accidents (fevers, falls, etc) is great. They communicate well and in a timely manner. - Lauren K. on 04/14/2024

Friendly staff, good location, great academy program, and nice facilities! - Jake (Pei) Z. on 04/14/2024

The team is fantastic and I love how they care for a little boy - Andrea B. on 04/14/2024

They’re very attentive and caring for our son. We feel like he’s getting the tools he needs to not just prepare for school, but to be a kind and helpful classroom citizen. He also has a ton of fun! - Kelly S. on 04/14/2024

All of the caregivers seem kind and attune to the children. Very open communication and the kids all seem happy. - Andrea C. on 04/13/2024