The children are learning different languages. - Stephany N. on 05/16/2019

It’s like one big happy family! - Brianna W. on 05/15/2019

We love the curriculum and the teachers. - Kristin K. on 05/15/2019

The care and concern that teachers have for our kids. They treat them as if they were their own! - Sarah V. on 05/15/2019

It’s been a year my son started over at KAO...I can see a drastic growth that what he learned from KAO...It’s been a month he transitioned to Ms.Emily’s & Ms.Reagan‘s class, one of the best teachers and he love them both and also the previous room teachers Ms.Kristian & Ms.Tori. He always ‘Wows’ me when he explains what he did at school and how much he learned...He himself says that he is a ‘smarty pants’ and I want to say thank you to the teachers who is making him ‘Smarty Pants’.Love KAO Teachers, Supervisors, Director and Owners.As a team they always “ Rock”.... - Prabha K. on 05/15/2019

Warm staff, engaging activities. - Jennifer S. on 05/15/2019

My daughter is constantly learning and excited about different daily activities at Kiddie Academy! - Simone S. on 05/15/2019

We have seen such growth and development with our 2 year-old. His language skills have exploded, his play and imagination have blossomed and he has begun to develop self-help skills. He loves to tell us about his day and friends at school. His teachers are patient, attentive and enthusiastic about teaching the class new skills. We are so happy with how much we have seen him learn! We also have an infant. The infant room teachers are kind, compassionate and attentive to his needs. He always appears happy and content upon drop-off and pick-up. - Rachel G. on 05/15/2019

Teachers are responsible and kind! - Chenchen D. on 05/15/2019

All of the staff is amazing, I love the activities they do with the kids. - Valerie F. on 05/15/2019

We made the transition to full time care this past month and it could not have been easier! All of the staff show they really care for Greyson. My MIL and I talk about child care often as family go elsewhere for their kids, and I have to say our choice in Kiddie Academy is the best. - DeAnna T. on 05/15/2019

I am very happy with Kiddie Academy! - Matthew G. on 05/15/2019

The teachers are amazing. I also love that they have set lesson plans displayed for the parents. - Kate M. on 05/15/2019

The staff is amazing! They care so much about my girls. Night and day from other preschools. - Brianne C. on 05/15/2019

We recently started sending our younger child to KAO and are very happy with their infant program. We can see that they continue to improve their curriculum, incorporating activities that involve all of the babies' senses. I love that the teachers are always caring, both about the child and their families. They are consistent in listening to your concerns and making sure they keep an eye on them. I understand as the kids grow older, giving individual attention becomes challenging on teachers' part (but that's when kids start to learn independence), but with infants, we really want a lot of attention to each child - and the teachers in infant rooms at KAO do just that. We appreciate their effort and do hope they keep it up! - Yoko C. on 05/14/2019