Parents Testimonials

He gets attentive care from experienced staff. The curriculum is above all daycares we have looked at or been apart of. He has advanced so much since he has been there. - Autumn C. on 08/09/2019

We appreciate the small class sizes and love the teachers give our child. She's learning and growing at KA New Market! - Kait W. on 08/09/2019

Daily reports - Sheila A. on 08/09/2019

Teachers do a great job engaging my 2 year old with developmentally appropriate activities each day. They get to know each child's likes and dislikes and tell me about them when I pick him up each day. (Ie. He really likes the play dough but did not like when he got paint on his hands) - Shanna W. on 08/09/2019

The friendly staff and the welcoming atmosphere. - Eduardo F. on 08/08/2019

The high level and range of learning opportunities my son receives on a regular basis. - Jessica T. on 08/08/2019

Fresh healthy food, wonderful teachers, and well designed classrooms. - Brittany N. on 08/08/2019

A warm, friendly, welcoming atmosphere. My kids have gone right through from babyhood to K here and they have grown up alongside friends and people who care about them deeply. - Zoe T. on 08/08/2019

Have had great experiences with the staff and facility. My children are happy and well taken care of. I love the daily updates and emails with pictures. They are easy to reach and always responsive. - Adele C. on 08/08/2019

I like how much the kids go outside and how all of the teachers know all of the kids and how affectionate they are with them. - Eleanor D. on 08/08/2019

Wonderful teachers and activities for the kids! The management makes you feel immediately comfortable and the facilities are excellent. - Shelley W. on 08/08/2019

I love the fact that you teach my kids. They are so smart and so brilliant and I can thank all of your teachers and staff for working with them and taking a personal interest in their education. All the staff loves my children and takes time to greet them with smiles hugs affection and love every day. You provide a safe environment for my children to grow and learn and be themselves. Thank you!! - Erin K. on 08/07/2019

The kids are always engaged in a fun, creative or educational activity whether they are playing in a group or alone. Our daughter is not just kept ‘busy’, but is always engaged and interested in what she is doing, which makes her excited to talk about her day! - Lori N. on 08/07/2019

Great Daycare! Loving and caring staff from the Owner to the teachers! - Denis H. on 08/07/2019

I like your services because the principle and teachers are very responsible and kind to the kids. Please keep them, the good ones. - Kejing L. on 08/07/2019