Parents Testimonials

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I like how all of the instructors I see in the hallways know my kids and the weekly theme they learn about. - AnneMarie H. on 06/01/2023

We have had a consistently positive experience at Kiddie Academy, Marlton. So much so, that we decided to stay this year for full day Kindergarten. Over the years we have been here we have always known the staff to be friendly and very helpful. They have a robust curriculum that is well planned in a way that children can still learn through play. Their summer program is also very fun and entertaining, we never get pushback going to school! Our daughter has always loved going here and has been very attached to every teacher she has had along the way. We are so sad that this is our last year! I do have to shout out the Kindergarten program. Ms. Melissa has far exceeded expectations. My daughter will be attending public school next year for first grade and I truly believe she is extra prepared. The amount that she has learned this year is extraordinary, she is reading, writing, counting money and can tell time to name a few topics. Ms Melissa is an all star!!! - Sara B. on 06/01/2023

The program is excellent. The staff members are highly experienced, and the curriculum is great for the children. My son loved attending Kiddie Academy of Lakewood Ranch. - Amy K. on 06/01/2023

They accepted our child as what he was and exercised greater love for him. They really cared for him and gave him the best education as possible. He made good friends there. He has three meals a day and the school was super clean. During the pandemic, they bought expensive cleaning machine for toys. - Joseph S. on 06/01/2023

I absolutely love your school!!! Before you my children attended The Learning Experience in Marlton, and everyday it was a challenge to get them excited to want to go, but since they started with you back in September 2022, my kids love school and get mad when they're sick and cannot go. Your staff has a true love for students and I always feel that when I enter and you can just see it on their faces. I only wish I found you guys sooner!!! - Leatha M. on 06/01/2023

They are amazing with my children. - Anamaria S. on 06/01/2023

We love the organization, structure and care provided. The leadership team is available and holds the team to a high bar. I have full trust. - Dara H. on 06/01/2023

Amazing teachers, effective administration, awesome summer camp, wonderful kearning experience! - Monica L. on 06/01/2023

I like that everyone knows my family and cares for our child. I wish there was a bit more consistency with teachers but for the most part see are very happy with the care we have received for our child. Everyone greets you when you walk in and someone if always at the desk. The director is very understanding as well. I love receiving videos and photos of our child throughout the day and having the cameras to check in. - Kristina J. on 06/01/2023

Kiddie academy has amazing staff, The ciriculum is great - Diana D. on 06/01/2023

Overall, my child has had a good experience at Kiddie Academy. I also think the experience has improved greatly post Covid. - Jessica D. on 06/01/2023

The teachers are really nice and care about the kids. You can see they care by the way they teach the kids. I have one of THOSE kids and they are A LOT most days. Very moody. His teachers took the time out to figure out what worked for him and what did not..since starting the school in October he's talking way more. Counting. Identifying emotions, and using his words a lot more. I honestly can say enough good things about Kiddie Academy in Marlton. Everyone is so nice. - Kristin F. on 06/01/2023

The owners and management team do a great job ensuring the educational and learning environment is safe, with upgraded installations for child play time and socialization. The school meets all health safety and sanitation standards for childcare. In addition, the staff is friendly and positive. My child is happy and is having a great experience since the new director joined the institution more than a year ago, and I am at ease when she is there knowing she is in good hands and well taken care of. - Ximena C. on 06/01/2023

We have had amazing experiences with Kiddie Academy. The staff is kind and competent and truly cares about the children there. - Bethany H. on 06/01/2023

My daughter LOVES her teachers and is excited to come to school each day. - Emily F. on 06/01/2023