Our commitment to the care, education and safety of your children is reflected in our team. We hire teachers and assistants who are well versed in the best practices of early childhood education. Each member of our team nurtures each child in their care in a safe, supportive learning environment. Team members receive ongoing training to continue their education and are evaluated throughout the year. Our team excels at stimulating children to learn and preparing them for future education. Our team is devoted to making each day fun and educational. Their dedication makes all the difference for your children.

Greg Washington

On-site Owner/Operator

Dr. Greg Washington is a retired Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel, an experienced general manager, higher education executive, and a university professor whose 26-year career includes senior leadership of large and small military as well as private sector organizations.  Greg, father of preschool-aged twins, who attend Kiddie Academy of Dacula, was thrilled to transition into Early Childhood Education as a means of being the best father he can be for most important people in his life.  That mindset, along with his professional experience make him uniquely suited to ensure this academy delivers on its promise to provide high quality education-based childcare where children can delevolop a life-long love of learning and have a great time doing it!


Sandra Calvin

Center Director

Sandra Calvin began her career in Early Childhood Education in 2005 as the Director of one of the longest running programs in the country to address the effects of systemic poverty and the effects on children.  During her time with this program she learned the importance of children receiving quality education from the beginning and saw the long-term effects it had on the outcome of their future success.  She believes that all children should receive high quality education and it is this belief that drives her to ensure Kiddie Academy of Dacula is the gold star example of what education based childcare should be. 

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