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How much love and care the children our given. Kiddie Academy is always colorfullly decorate and very eye catching. - Ashley Z. on 10/05/2011

Teachers are amazing, management is very procrastinam and the facility is awesome. In other words, people and environment are in synergy with the children and the result is an outstanding educational program. - Flavio M. on 10/05/2011

Caring, flexible staff that cares about my child's development along with their happiness. - Kate P. on 10/05/2011

I am very pleased with the intelligent and consistent quality of care my daughter receives here. I only wish we had started her here sooner. - Alex R. on 10/05/2011

Initially the atmosphere is what struck me, you can tell it is kept and organized. All staff for the almost 2 years I have been taking my son here has connected with both me and my son. The overall reason I would recommend KA is because of the ciriculum. The child's room changes every 6months to progress in a slow but age appropriate way. My son took very well to each transition. along with the great schedule the education he gets from each room is noticeably great. They send out a newsletter each month saying what that months lessons consist of and by the end of the month he doesn't just know these skills, he's a master. I rated and 9 for price, its not the cheapest in the area but it's worth every penny. I'm more than thankful for the peace of mind this facility leaves me with. O and not to mention the cameras which you tune into online and watch your child play, learn, and grow whenever you want. - Stefania F. on 10/05/2011

The staff is friendly and approachable. Management and ownership are always available for questions. The building is always clean. Lastly, our older child was very well prepared and well ahead of most other kids when she went to kindergarten as a result of the pre-school program. And now I can already see our youngest developing the same way. Much of this due to the staff and program at Kiddie Academy. - Rick M. on 10/05/2011

Clean, safe, responsive. - Vera Z. on 10/05/2011

I like the safety and educational plan the school follows but I believe there are a few teachers who worry me with the care of my child. They seem grumpy and unhappy to be working with their students - Marissa B. on 10/04/2011

I am extremely impressed with the consistency with the curriculum,even with the younger classes. The teachers, even beyond the lead teachers, are professional and attentive to needs and special requests. The owner and director have made themselves available at all times, and are also attentive to individual needs, without taking away from the group dynamic. I am very happy with Kiddie academy. - Jeff C. on 10/04/2011

stability, dedication, and quality of teaching staff - Jennifer S. on 10/04/2011

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