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Everyone is so caring and my child LOVES going to school. She is learning so much! - Maureen T. on 03/24/2017

My son has learnt so much and his very well mannered and the stuff is very nice - Fiona K. on 03/21/2017

We like that the academic side is brought about through play, whether it be singing or with movement. Not ever child learns the same way so a kinesthetic, visual, and an audio method is used daily. We like that broad topics are brought to their attention. Learning about community, safety, manners, and positive discipline. One of my favorite aspects is coming to pick up my child and seeing the classmates finish up their lunch. All the students are eating family style, serving themselves, behaving with appropriate manners and happily socializing. - Aubrey M. on 03/17/2017

I feel like both of my kids are exposed to high-quality curriculum and age appropriate activities. I'm highly impressed with the pre-K program. - Keri M. on 02/28/2017

There is so much. The wonderful feedback, accommodating our needs as parents through good genuine conversations about our children, the ability to watch our children from work, the loving teachers and grounded educational philosophy and much much more - Nate P. on 02/27/2017

The staff is friendly. Even in the infant room they do art, go for walks outside, and other things to "mix it up" when they can. Live cameras, pictures, and digital daily reports - Nicole S. on 02/27/2017

Warm/welcoming and safe environment, staff is very hands on and cares about our son, everyday we feel like he's learned something new - Juan S. on 01/25/2017

Great! - Xiaodan L. on 12/29/2016

We absolutely love Kiddie Academy Burlington! The staff are great and welcoming and the programs are tailored for my child to strive and learn. Having two gated (and roofed!) outdoor playgrounds (one for the toddlers and the other for the big kids) in the facility also adds to the program. They also have a healthy menu for breakfast, lunch and snacks, making it easier for the busy mom. The facility is also very clean as it just opened in 2015. Their daily reports with our daughter's photos send via email makes it easy to share our daughter's day to grandparents who live overseas and I love that I can check my daughter on the webcam when I need to see her. We live in Arlington and looked at multiple daycare facilities in the area but none of the daycare offered such option. Although we need to travel 12 miles each way to get there, we are very happy we made the decision to sending our daughter there. - Teruko R. on 12/23/2016

The administration and teachers really care about the students and do a great job. The building is very clean and theyou have lots of great toys. They do fun activities with the kids too. - Melissa O D. on 12/21/2016

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