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A Bright Future at Kiddie Academy: Curriculum Specialist

September 1, 2023

Kiddie Academy of Gaithersburg takes pride in introducing Mrs. Veera as our Curriculum Specialist! Rooted in the belief that learning should be joyful and impactful, Mrs. Veera is aligned with our core principles, making her an invaluable asset to our academy.  With her impressive educational background, years of experience, and passion for nurturing young minds, Kiddie Academy of Gaithersburg is set to reach new heights in providing quality education and unforgettable experiences for children.
Mrs. Veera comes to Kiddie Academy of Gaithersburg with a Master’s Degree in education and more than a decade of experience working with various age groups. She brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to our academy and her deep understanding of child development, educational strategies, and creative teaching methods will undoubtedly enhance the learning journey of each child at Kiddie Academy. 

As we embark on the new chapter with Mrs. Veera as our Curriculum Specialist, Kiddie Academy of Gaithersburg reinforces the commitment to providing an education that makes the most of every learning moment. With Mrs. Veera by our side, we’re excited to foster an environment where each child is celebrated for who they are and where their unique journey of learning is guided by a compassionate hand. So, join us in warmly welcoming Mrs. Veera, and let’s continue this journey of education and connection together.