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The teachers do everything possible to encourage each and every child to learn and perform to the best of their ability. - Sasiprapha S. on 10/30/2017

My daugther enjoy every single activity in her class We can see a differences in her - Brenda S. on 10/02/2017

My son has attended Kiddie Academy for over a year now. We continue to be impressed with the professionalism of the director and all of the management personnel, as well as the teachers. The facility is highly secure, very well maintained and inviting. The atmosphere is nurturing and supportive for parents as well as all children. Parent communication is excellent! It includes daily reports outlining all important information regarding your child, photographs of your child taken throughout the day, and frequent text messages to remind us of deadlines and events. We love The Kiddie Academy! - Rebecca D. on 09/25/2017

My son went from being very delayed in speech to now almost caught up with his peers. He can count, sing songs, starting to identify colors, and is more independent. He loves his teachers! - Ariana E. on 09/19/2017

Classes are not too large. - Brent F. on 09/17/2017

Amazing teachers, great curriculum, wonderful facilities, great hours! - Rachel T. on 09/12/2017

The teachers are well trained and they do everything they can to make sure every student learns to the best of their ability. - Sasiprapha S. on 07/24/2017

Love the services and the security. Its a top notch team and such a blessing to us and to Logan, God bless ypu all. - Keith D. on 07/24/2017

We love our Kiddie Academy caregivers! You can tell they pay special attention to the development of all children in their charge. I'm amazed at how quickly our daughter is reaching her milestones. And she is so happy because they make sure she feels the same level of security and love as she gets at home. - Chawntain K. on 06/24/2017

The people - Jaime C. on 06/24/2017

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Conveniently located at 1130 Galaxy Drive Northeast off Exit 111 near Red Robin.

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The learning doesn't stop for parents, either. That’s why we created an information resource with helpful tips on everything from enriching our STEM program at home to introducing lifelong healthy eating and fitness habits.