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I love the curriculum! I love the character essentials which is unique to Kiddie and not found at most daycares. I love the people - everyone is so caring and loving on my baby boy. My only complaint is I would like to see healthier food. Cereal for breakfast is the WORST thing anyone can put in their body as it's already predigested nutrients and wrecks a kids's blood sugar, which can lead to diabetes, obesity and other metabolic issues throughout their lifetime. Less processed food overall - it's ok to do graham crackers for a snack, but white bread should never be involved as that's the same as handing a child a bowl full of sugar cubes. I have gotten both of my kids to love veggies and fruits and health carbs by preparing them well. But overall this is a great facility and I highly recommend to everyone! - Melody L. on 01/28/2022

Kiddie Academy has become a second family to us and I truly cannot imagine sending my son any where else! - Kylie Z. on 01/28/2022

I think my son is well taken care of & I live the photos of him every day. - Victoria E. on 10/18/2021

I love that my son is learning everyday. The staff is friendly and keeps my informed on what going on with my child. - Rashida T. on 10/17/2021

The owners are incredibly caring, responsive, and kind. - Meredith L. on 10/16/2021

Excellent. My daughter is only 4 years old and already knows her numbers, 1-20, and alphabet. She looks forward to going to school and seeing her teacher. - Alma C. on 07/09/2021

The teachers and staff have all been so welcoming and reassuring—especially during the pandemic. I was so nervous to have my son start daycare but now we both look forward to the days he is there to learn and play! - Renae D. on 07/09/2021

Great variety in subject matter. - Brian P. on 07/09/2021

Communication from the staff & teachers is the best. - Victoria E. on 07/09/2021

I love how much he has learned and how they are working with me about his behavioral issues - Alyssa B. on 07/09/2021

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We are located behind the McDonald's located on Conowingo Rd.

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