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I recommend Kiddie Academy to all my friends. - Anna P. on 03/22/2016

The teachers all really care about the kids and I know my son is happy with them - Ryan C. on 02/29/2016

I'm very impressed with how openly the staff love their students and how much they all seem to like their jobs. The atmosphere is familial and cozy and feels like an extention of my home. - Sarah M. on 02/29/2016

Communication and staff and the leasons - Marsha V. on 02/15/2016

Personal attention given to each child; consistently creative art and other activities; weekly yoga; welcoming atmosphere! - Elizabeth Jewell B. on 02/01/2016

I like that they focus on education from an early age, and have a strong emphasis on teaching the children manners, even for the kids under two. People are amazed at my toddlers manners, and I owe a lot of that to kiddie Academy - Genna Q. on 02/01/2016

Friendly staff- they seem to really enjoy working with the children - Katie F. on 01/26/2016

I love the Tadpoles updates. They keep me informed about what my son is doing throughout the day. And the photos let me get a special peek at his day. - Amanda H. on 01/23/2016

The owner is present hands on and the school truly puts kids first - Laura K. on 01/22/2016

The environment is always warm and welcoming. The staff always greets my child with a smile and provide an honest assessment of his day at pick up, even when that means telling me he had a rough day. As a parent it is extremely important that I REALLY know how he is doing so that I can help him with areas where he may be struggling and work towards improvement with his teachers. There are several avenues available for open communication and all staff members are accessible. It is nice to be able to communicate face-to-face, via phone, email, and the Tadpoles app. I love that the kids do all kinds of art projects and hands-on activities that revolve around their environment such as seasons and holidays. Kelsey does a wonderful job of being flexible and spontaneous with these projects. For example, they brought snow in to play with on their sensory table and even used snow to paint! The Early PreK room does a great job of balancing classrooms style education (letters, counting, etc.) with early childhood education through exploration such as sensory activities. The live video feed from the classroom is my absolute favorite thing. I LOVE being able to watch my child interact with other kids and see for myself how and what he is doing. It especially comforting to see him playing happily after a difficult drop off. It would be nice if the outdoor cameras also covers the toddler playground so that parents of young children can see outdoor play time as well. - Jessica R. on 01/18/2016

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