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I like the "feel" of the school. I find the environment inviting and friendly. My son loves to go to school and that is a wonderful thing!! - Stephanie H. on 08/07/2012

I love the educational quality and educational play you offer - my son is learning so much! The security cameras and key-locked door is extremely comforting. I am so very pleased with the staff as well. I feel they truly care for my son. - Julia A. on 07/19/2012

Needless to say when you send a survey to the owner of a center it will score well. We are committed to provide the highest quality of care and strive to meet the needs of each and every family. - Carol K. on 07/19/2012

I love the educational setting that my child has been in and the consistent communication between my child's teacher and myself. Both my husband and I are extremely happy with the care and education that our daughter has received at Kiddie Academy! We will highly recommend Kiddie Academy to anyone that we know is looking for childcare. - Diana K. on 07/18/2012

1. Friendly Staff, not a high turn over rate 2. Owner deeply cares about safety of children at all times and is thorough with who is hired and families following proper procedure 3. New events, products, activities are introduced regularly with kids 4. Staff, director, owner always have time to talk about anything and are super supportive. 5. Teachers treat children as if they were their own 6. The community aspect has been beneficial for our children's socialization - Katelyn C. on 07/17/2012

We feel like our son is learning a lot from attending Kiddie Academy. We are very pleased with the facility. - Colleen Y. on 07/17/2012

I absolutley love Kiddie Academy in Royersford. There is not one bad thing you could possibly say about it there at all. Staff is wonderful and my kids always have a great time there! I've recommended them before and will do it again anytime :) Thanks, Alicia Irwin - Alicia I. on 07/13/2012

I love my daughter's teacher, Ms. Amanda. She is so loving and fun with all of the children in her classroom. I don’t know how she keeps up her enthusiasm and positivity all day long! Ms. Amanda is both a mom and a teacher, which I feel is an asset in the pre-school classroom. My daughter has made great strides since moving into her toddler classroom. Ms. Amanda has worked with her on walking, eating a variety of finger foods, drinking out of a sippy cup, sleeping on a cot instead of a crib, using utensils with her food, and incorporates baby sign language into the daily routine of the classroom. My daughter openly loves her teacher who smiles, sings, and is always interacting with the toddlers. At check-in and check-out Ms. Amanda communicates with my husband and me about our daughter's daily progress. When we ask her for her advice, she gives us suggestions on what we can do at home to continue her growth. As first time parents, we really appreciate it. The facility itself is bright, cheery, and safe. All of the employees are professional and kind; they greet you with a smile. The children's art work lines the halls and hangs in the classrooms. Information about each class is posted outside the classroom in the hall. My daughter enjoys the outside water play that has been incorporated into the summer program. For the toddlers they have a sprinkler pad that looks like a tropical island. It’s pretty cute! My daughter is read to everyday and her teacher sings songs too. My daughter now recognizes songs that I sing to her at home, because they are sung to her in school! She is so excited and tries to mimic the hand motions that accompany the song. It's such a convenience that food is provided to the children at the school. Now that she is a toddler, I no longer have to worry about preparing and packing meals everyday. The weekly menu is provided ahead of time, so if I want to supplement something from home, I can. The webcam is convenient for a quick chec - Julie F. on 07/12/2012

Small Class sizes. Friendly, caring, smart staff. Web cam access to classrooms is wonderful and reassuring. - Ceili S. on 07/12/2012

I like the structure an activities provided. - Cate P. on 07/12/2012

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