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Our daughter has progressed leaps and bounds since starting kiddie academy! From potty training to communicating! - David W. on 09/03/2022

Everything. Food can definitely improve but it was important for my child to get used to eating that food as it help develop her and get her ready for the real world! - Anuj P. on 09/03/2022

The teachers and administrators are amazing and truly appreciate each child. The facility is kept immaculate and safe. My daughter enjoys going to KA each day to learn and engage with her friends and teachers. I have a good piece of mind leaving my daughter in KA care. The video access also alleviates the stress of not knowing how your child is doing. I can easily check in for a few minutes each day and that goes a long way. - Denise S. on 05/04/2022

Love the daycare , very beautiful woman’s and very patience . My daughter love them soo much - Xiomara G. on 05/04/2022

The school is clean, the staff goes above and beyond to take care of their students and parents. Ashely and Jessica are always helpful and respond quickly to any questions or concerns. Ms. Enid and Ms. Destiny are caring and thoughtful and make sure to plan lessons that are fun and engaging! - Kristen G. on 05/04/2022

Professionalism, quality of care - Abhijit B. on 05/04/2022

Different arts/crafts, various engaging activities for children - Boskey P. on 04/28/2022

Comprehensive daily updates on activities and what educational functions they support. - Nesiha H. on 04/27/2022

We love you guys! - Anuj P. on 04/27/2022

I’ve been waiting for a way to submit feedback about Rutherford’s kiddie academy since we first toured in July. The director Ashley from day one has been above par in terms of clear communication. She is an absolute delight and has really been the lighthouse of the location. If kiddie academy were to loose her I think I would be heart broken. I have two children enrolled, and sing the praises of the Rutherford’s location to pretty much any parent that will listen. Mrs. Krystle and Mrs. Jordan have done an excellent job helping my older son come out of his shell. Week one they were extra gentle to his needs, giving him special tasks until he warmed up. In the toddler room Mrs. Andie & Mrs Neivah truly care about my youngest. I remember week one watching the live videos like a hawk, until I saw Mrs Andie, lightly rub my sons back- in a very reassuring way. From that moment on, I had full confidence in his classroom and my choice to enroll him. My youngest has exploded with language skills, songs, and developmental milestones since enrolling. I love our kiddie academy, it has made my life so much easier as a working parent. - Brenna R. on 04/27/2022

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