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Kiddie Academy is open and bright, the classrooms are not closed in. The entire staff is always very welcoming and always greets me with a smile. My son loves school because of the quality that Kiddie Academy provides. He knows how to write his name, and his dads name all on his own. He can sing a bunch of songs word for word. I thank Kiddie Academy for giving him a fun filled and educational day while I am at work. - Danielle G. on 03/28/2011

I love the way the teachers take the time to work with a child if they are having difficulties grasping the material. - Elizabeth M. on 03/18/2011

. - Colleen P. on 03/12/2011

Staff members are friendly. Teachers and assistants are very effective in molding the values and developing child's personality in different age levels. - Marie L. on 03/12/2011

My two kids attend Kiddie Academy of Streamwood, and we are beyond thrilled with our experience there. The teachers are warm & enthusiastic, and the facility and grounds are safe and clean. Most of all, they listen and answer to your need. What a wonderful place! - May L. on 03/11/2011

I think it is superb that my 4 yr old can write and show his creativity while having fun in the daily activities that you provide. - Christine L. on 03/11/2011

I like the teachers, and how caring they are. I like how they teach creatively, and I see Jaya being more open, and less self-conscious. I also like the structure and know she is being well cared for. The fact that asks to come to school now also makes me confident in my choice to keep her at Kiddie Academy. - Nilam B. on 03/11/2011

I enjoy your idea circle time for the little kids. My child is learning her ABC's and nursery rhymes. I like that the school is bright and clean. Love the friendly environment and postive attitude of all the teachers. I'm very happy to have me 2yr old at this school - Mayuri S. on 03/10/2011

The educational child care services offered by Kiddie Academy in Streamwood are top notch. My son is extremely excited to attend which tells me he is enjoying the days he goes, but I also notice that from an educational perspective he is counting (in English and Spanish), learning the alphabet, singing songs, and identifying a variety of things that he wasn’t taught at home. He turns 3 this year. Considering his age and the fact that my background is in education I firmly believe he is getting the very best care from Kiddie Academy. At his age there needs to be a harmony between education and entertainment and I couldn’t be happier with the setting he is in. - Rod M. on 03/09/2011

The routine, criculum, flexibility, care, facility - Robin F. on 03/09/2011

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Our Academy is conveniently located right off of Sutton Road and Gulf Keys Road at 1040 S Sutton Road.

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