The Kiddie Academy Curriculum

letsmovelogoAdvancEDlife-essentials-sealFrom the time your child wakes up until the time he or she goes to sleep at night, there are countless opportunities for learning and growing. Our caring, observant, responsive educators stay constantly involved in every aspect of your child’s day, so they can help facilitate “teachable moments.”
These are the Life Essentials® your child will utilize long after graduating Kiddie Academy.


Kiddie Academy holds each of its locations to high standards of care and education. Each independently owned and operated franchise location is supported and encouraged to secure accreditation from one or more of the following nationally recognized organizations. Read More

School Readiness

School readiness is more than academic skills. Ongoing research confirms that children’s school readiness for school is multi-faceted. It encompasses the whole range of physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills that children need to thrive in a school setting. Read More

Our Programs & Curriculum

Please, check with your local academy to confirm programs offered at their location. Not all Kiddie Academy locations serve all age groups.

Curriculum Advisory Board

  • Dr. Mary Rivkin
  • Dr. Beth Rogowsky
  • Dr. Ocie Watson-Thompson
  • Dr. Edyth J. Wheeler
  • Dr. Mary Rivkin

    Curriculum Advisory Board Member

    Mary S. Rivkin, Ph.D., is associate professor of education at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County where she teaches early childhood education. She is co-author of Science Experiences for the Early Childhood Years, 10th ed. (2012), and author of The Great Outdoors: Advocating for Natural Spaces for Young Children, rev. ed, (2014). The Great Outdoors explores her conviction that children have lost most of their access to outdoor play, especially in nature, and educators should use every means to restore that access for them. Child care centers are particularly important places for outdoor play as young children spend so much time at them.

    Dr. Beth Rogowsky

    Curriculum Advisory Board Member

    Beth Rogowsky, Ed.D. has 14 years of teaching experience in both rural and urban public schools. In 2013, Dr. Rogowsky completed postdoctoral training at the Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience at Rutgers University where her research focused on improving the language and literacy skills of learners from birth to adulthood. Being a postdoctoral fellow in a neuroscience research center linked Dr. Rogowsky’s previous teaching experience with the science of how the brain learns. Currently, Dr. Rogowsky is an Assistant Professor at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania in the College of Education.

    Dr. Ocie Watson-Thompson

    Curriculum Advisory Board Member

    Ocie Watson-Thompson is Professor and Chairperson for the Department of Early Childhood Education at Towson University. Her graduate degree and undergraduate degree were earned at the University of Alabama in the areas of Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education and Special Education with a concentration in Language and Literacy. She has over thirty years of experience as a teacher and teacher educator. Developmentally appropriate practices, cultural inclusive instruction for young children and quality preparation of teachers/practitioners have been the focus of her scholarly work. Dr. Watson-Thompson continues to teach, supervise and mentor undergraduate and graduate students as they deliver effective instruction and learning experiences in diverse and culturally inclusive environments.

    Dr. Edyth J. Wheeler

    Curriculum Advisory Board Member Emeritus

    Edyth J. Wheeler, Ph.D., is Professor Emerita from Towson University, Maryland, where she was Graduate Director and faculty member in the Department of Early Childhood Education. She also spent 11 years as a teacher and director of one of the first NAEYC accredited centers in Virginia. A Kentucky native, now living in Virginia, she earned her M.Ed. and Ph.D. in Education (Early Childhood) at George Mason University. Active in national professional organizations, she serves as an NCATE/CAEP program reviewer and has worked with Kiddie Academy as a curriculum consultant. Her book, Conflict Resolution in Early Childhood, was published in 2004, and she is currently writing on families and communities.