Parents Testimonials


The care and education is individualized for each child. - Natalia C. on 08/28/2012

Clean and open environment....nice staff - Jay P. on 08/27/2012

The staff is wonderfully friendly and knowledgeable. We LOVE the curriculum and the way that our son talks about school and his teachers. - Mark T. on 08/27/2012

Nice staff, video monetering - Laren A. on 08/27/2012

I like the teachers, that the kids have fun and learn things, and the neat art projects. - Leslie C. on 08/27/2012

The staff are very professional and kind. They are available for answers all you question at any time. The security. The education are very good. My son love the VPK program. - Ivelisse C. on 08/27/2012

Safety, Clean, Friendly Staff, Online Video Service. - Sapon T. on 08/27/2012

That they have specific class room times and structure and strick attendance guidelines. - Kim O. on 08/27/2012

All the staff are nice. Teachers always communicate with the parents on their child's progress. - Mae M. on 08/27/2012

I'm a new resident to Gainesville & visited multiple childcare facilities before choosing Kiddie Academy. The staff is extremely friendly & hospitable. My daughter immediately felt comfortable around them &, although she's only in her 2nd week, speaks very positively about her teachers at home. The center is also very clean & orderly. - Cameron L. on 08/27/2012

I like the friendly and reaqssuring environment. - Kiki K. on 08/27/2012

Friendliness of the staff. The amount of attention shown toward each child and the willingness of the staff to be informative with the parents about their children. The hours provided are also a big factor helping out the working parents who need the extra time to be able to not have to sacrifice losing hours at work. - Kerry O. on 08/26/2012

I really like Kiddie Academy. My daughter really loves it there! I feel that the teacher turn around is a little too much, but I know that there have been a lot of changes since we started at the center. I feel that the curriculum and the learning objectives are very age appropriate and incorporate a range of different skills that are important for children to be exposed to. I feel that my daughter has learned many skills while at Kiddie Academy. I feel that the rates are a little high, but overall worth it if my child is ready for school by the time that she is ready for Kindergarten. I would recommend Kiddie academy to a person that I know who has children. - Holly M. on 08/24/2012

Creative activities for kids and great teachers. - Tammy P. on 08/24/2012