Parents Testimonials

I think you offer the best program in the area. I appreciate KA keeping my child engaged in learning through varying the programs offered. Also, I appreciate the use of external teachers such as the "Stretch and Grow" program available at my child's location. - Jennifer W. on 11/14/2011

The Kiddie Academy family has not only been great for my two kids, but a constant supporter of our community. We truly appreciate the teachers, excellent curriculum, and focus on helping others. Kiddie Academy is a quality foundation for my kids as they enter school. Many thanks Corey and Summer for maintaining such high and loving standards. - Carolyn M. on 11/14/2011

I like that they are involved in helping the pre-k age children prepare for kindergarden - Mallory J. on 11/14/2011

My son has been attending Kiddie Academy for 2 1/2 years. He knows and excels at that things that I had no idea a toddler could do. He comes home singing the songs they sang, and telling me what they learned about each day. - Melissa M. on 11/14/2011

Dependable quality staff, extremely clean, health and wellness conscious foods and lessons, and sincere guidance from teachers. Also the owners, Summer and Corey are very involved. - Katy M. on 11/13/2011

The teachers are great and are really teachers! Not just babysitters like some other facilities. - Jennifer K. on 11/13/2011

I like that they have a class scheduled and they actually teach the kids and not just let them play - Dulce A. on 11/13/2011

I love how wonderful the teachers are and how much they care about whether or not my child is prepared for Kindergarten next year. - Candi T. on 11/13/2011

circle time, reading activities, sign language for children who are not yet talking, and art activities - Pamela W. on 11/13/2011

From week one all of the staff has known our son and provided the highest quality care to him. He has reached many milestones,at an early point in time,due to the quality of the staff. - Tara S. on 11/12/2011

The individual care that is given to my son. He is treated as an individual with individual needs and not as a group or "class". - Sandy Y. on 11/11/2011

Very open communication with all staff - Cecilia K. on 11/11/2011

You have great instructors. When i am there during lessons i am always impressed. I work with my daughter too but she has learned so much from you all too. On another note, should you care, i do think that the meals, especially since things are bought in bulk at costco, that you could switch things to organic. Costco jas loads of organic and all natural options that are not that different in price. If they are then raise tuition by $1 per week per kid and i bet you not even notice a cost difference. I am willing to look into this further. That is one big reason, the only reason we sometimes think of leaving. And that is my negative point when i otherwise highly recommend your school. You are what you eat. These kids are growing. Good nutrition is important. - Erin C. on 11/10/2011

Teachers passion for kids, the academic curriculum, the very nice and friendly staff, the cleanness of the space and attention to each kid needs. I feel fortunate that my kid got the chance to go here. - Claudia V. on 11/10/2011

Nice environment. Teachers do their best to meet my child's needs - George A. on 11/10/2011