Parents Testimonials

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Clean, top of the line academy. Everyone is extremely friendly to you and your child even if they dont know you. Everyone always has a smile on their face. Kiddie Academy keeps you up-to-date on what your child is doing by providing report cards daily and also email you weekly pictures of your child and their classroom on what they are doing. My daughter comes home everyday with something new she has learned and teaches it to her little sister. She is always happy and excited about school. That tells me a lot. - Dayana C. on 10/07/2011

School is clean, teachers are good, schedule is focused on both academics and creative play. - Purvi C. on 10/07/2011

Kiddie Academy has everything that a parent would want for their children. This school not just focuses on learning but also help kids develop social skills, eating habits, manners and my list goes on. I would definitely recommend Kiddie Academy to my extended family and friends. - Jawairia S. on 10/07/2011

I like that many of the teachers have degrees, advanced degrees or are pursuing the same. I like the variety of activities and the focus on writing. - Andrea E. on 10/07/2011

Love all the extra activity they do. Storytime. Parents night out. Also the cleanliness and teaching skills. - Cathi K. on 10/07/2011

I like that everything is very planned out with the kids I feel like my son is learning. - Elizabeth F. on 10/07/2011

Everything! Now in the two year old program, my daughter has been exposed to so many experiences even while in the infant class. - Jennifer K. on 10/07/2011

loving, firendly and secure environment - Amanda F. on 10/06/2011

There are several things that have made Kiddie Academy a positive experience for our family. The faculty and staff have been wonderful. The curriculum, routine, facilities, resources, and safety standards all combine to make for a quality of care that is very reassuring as a parent. But perhaps my favorite aspect of our experience with Kiddie Academy of Horsham is that there is genuine sense that childhood--and each child individually--is valued and precious and that carries through to our child's daily experience as well. - Karen C. on 10/05/2011

All teachers at Kiddie Academy of Horsham are very friendly and passionately in taking care of our children. The school is a very good place for our children to learn, play and grow up. My son Austin cannot wait to go to school every morning. Would recommend to all my friends. - Chi D. on 10/05/2011

Friendly and family oriented staff Welcoming atmosphere Love given to every child - Jenn A. on 10/05/2011

How much love and care the children our given. Kiddie Academy is always colorfullly decorate and very eye catching. - Ashley Z. on 10/05/2011

Teachers are amazing, management is very procrastinam and the facility is awesome. In other words, people and environment are in synergy with the children and the result is an outstanding educational program. - Flavio M. on 10/05/2011

Caring, flexible staff that cares about my child's development along with their happiness. - Kate P. on 10/05/2011

Outstanding attitudes of most of the staff. Seem comitted to the task of taking care and teaching the kids. - Robert B. on 10/05/2011