A history of what’s possible.

40 years and counting

The 1980s

A decade of firsts

Kiddie Academy founding and early growth

During the 1980s, Pauline Miller and Kiddie Academy brought her vision of combining fun with learning to life. Our original learning program served as a launching point for the developmentally appropriate curriculum, character education, health and fitness and technology education that was the original foundation of our proprietary Life Essentials® philosophy.


Our nurturing history begins

The very first Kiddie Academy opens

As a mother and an educator, co-founder Pauline Miller passionately sought to provide better child care options. Her vision created an experience that went beyond typical child care, inspiring the possibilities in each child for his or her future. She developed the first version of Kiddie Academy’s proprietary curriculum with the opening of our first location in Baltimore County, Maryland. It had a capacity for 84 children and infinite promise.


Dedication to amazing child care runs in the family

Michael Miller joins Kiddie Academy

Michael Miller, son of George and Pauline Miller, joins the team. Over the next 30 plus years, Michael becomes involved in all aspects of Kiddie Academy. That includes his current role connecting to families around the country who are looking for innovative learning options for their children.


More learning in more places

Sharing Kiddie Academy with more families

We further established and developed how we teach and serve children and their families and expanded into more communities around the country.


Spreading our arms wider

First franchise opens

Parents expect more from their child care than babysitting. They want educational child care that nurtures and inspires—intellectually, emotionally and physically. The first Kiddie Academy franchise location opens to meet that demand.


Never too young to learn

Infant and toddler education

We lead the way in expanding education-based child care to infants and toddlers. It’s an early example of how committed we are to anticipating the needs of parents.


Welcoming more families

Kiddie Academy expands to over 50 locations

By the end of the decade, more families than ever are benefiting from our unique approach to education-based child care, with thousands of children learning at a wide variety of Academies.

The 2000s

Moving in one direction: forward

Progress and innovation

The new millennium marks an evolution in our industry-leading early education methods, along with the introduction of a unique summer learning program.


Summer learning fun

CampVentures® summer program opens

Amazing teachable moments extend to the most fun-filled months of the year. We incorporate our summer program (now CampVentures®) into our main curriculum.


Teacher guidance grows

Curriculum Advisory Board founded

Our Curriculum Advisory Board of early childhood experts makes its debut. Its purpose is to enrich our curriculum and give our teachers the tools they need to help children develop intellectually, physically and emotionally.


Exceeding standards again and again

Multi-state accreditation

Kiddie Academy earns accreditation. We’re proud of this recognition for the quality and consistency of our curriculum, the high standards we set for our teachers and students and the healthy relationships we foster with families.


Renowned curriculum gets a name

Life Essentials® debut

Our curriculum evolves to instill each age group with a rich appreciation for good citizenship, health and fitness and scientific exploration. We name it Life Essentials®, which incorporates STEM skills crucial to developing the next generation of physicians, engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians and critical thinkers.

The 2010s

Kiddie Academy turns 30

Building community into our third decade

After 30 years, we remain true to Pauline Miller’s vision of keeping play and community at the center of early childhood learning.


Connecting parents with the classroom

We launch our AcademyLink digital communication tool

Parents get a firsthand mobile look at their classroom activities—including frequent updates about how their child is developing and teacher comments, photos and videos that capture can’t-miss learning moments.


Exercise, nutrition and kids

A head start on a healthy life

In tune with the growth in childhood obesity, Kiddie Academy continues to integrate exercise and nutritious, family-style dining and snacks into its Life Essentials program.


Meeting the demand for amazing

The opening of our 200th Kiddie Academy

In greater and greater numbers, parents are seeking out educational childcare that engages their children mentally, physically and socially. As we celebrate the opening of our 200th location, we remain driven by Pauline Miller’s founding vision: to inspire children to realize the amazing possibilities of their future.


Inspiring a love of learning – now, always and everywhere

Learn OnSM launches

Kiddie Academy’s Learn OnSM campaign launches in January with new videos and a billboard display in New York’s Times Square. Learn On focuses on how our Life Essentials philosophy blends education with fun, sparking a passion for learning that children carry with them wherever they go, for the rest of their lives.


40 Years of Serving Families and Educating Children

Kiddie Academy celebrates its 40th anniversary

To celebrate 40 years of strengthening and empowering our communities, Kiddie Academy made a $40,000 donation to our non-profit partner, Family Promise. This donation will help establish a new training program and provide scholarships focused on helping women achieve career growth in early childhood education.


Kiddie Academy Opens 300th Location

Celebrating our 300th Kiddie Academy

Our 300th Academy milestone is a chance to reflect on how far we’ve come and to look ahead. We look forward to nurturing, educating and inspiring thousands of children in communities across the country for years to come.


We’re connecting more families to Kiddie Academy

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