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Illinois Increases Support for Families and Early Childhood Education

September 23, 2022
Recently, the Illinois Governor and the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) announced new investments that strengthen and grow our state’s early childhood education. These investments continue advancing Illinois as a leading state in the nation for children, families, and the early childhood workforce that support them.
These changes include:
  • Increasing the CCAP income eligibility limit
  • Lowering copays for families
  • Continuing the Child Care Restoration Grant Extension 
  • Extending the Strengthen and Grow Child Care Grant Program
State Financial Assistance


We offer support for families who may be eligible for State Financial Assistance. Our team will help find out if you qualify and guide you through the application process. 

Families who have applied for assistance may enroll and start at our academy during the time the application is being processed with no commitment for the tuition fees incurred.

Contact us to get started and find out if you qualify >>

The changes were in effect starting July 1, 2022, enabling providers like us to continue serving their local communities and decreasing the financial burden for working families.
Illinois is leading the way by making meaningful investments in early childhood education at such a critical time.