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The school is organized, kind, thoughtful, creative, and safe. We feel so great about sending our kids to Kiddie Academy and would highly recommend it! - Carli M. on 07/21/2022

A lot of social activities along with great academic curriculums. Circle times are great for kids to have opportunities to talk. Also has good extra curriculum opportunities - Anumita B. on 07/18/2022

Amazing staff, timely communications, operating hours, extra activity opportunities (soccer, Kung fu, etc) - Valerie B. on 07/16/2022

Teachers, staff, facility - Kim N. on 07/16/2022

Great teachers! - Daniel O. on 07/15/2022

[1] Cleanliness [2] Adherence to Safety Protocols (wrt Covid) [3] Rapid communication to parents on infections, health etc [4] Various activities planned for kids - Debamoy S. on 07/15/2022

best teachers, best admin, excellent amenities, safe and hygienic environment. - Rajani R. on 07/15/2022

Receptive and accommodating. - Silvia S. on 07/15/2022

Teachers!! Structured and diverse play / learning style Food - Biruté A. on 10/22/2021

Very attentive and consistent, clean, engaging environment. - Stephanie M. on 10/17/2021

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