October 21, 2019

Early Language and Literacy Grant through Bright from the Start

We recieved the Early Language and Literacy Grant through Bright from the Start. The grants will support programs in fostering positive and responsive relationships between teachers and children and developing critical early language and literacy skills in children. Teachers and directors will gain increased knowledge and skills in developing and maintaining a social, emotional, and intellectual climate that supports child-initiated and child-pursued learning and the building and sustaining of positive relationships among adults and children. You will see some of the children wearing colorful vests. This is part of the LENA Grow Program. We’re using the LENA to help increase talk with kids, which is important in building babies’ brains during the first three years of life. The purpose of LENA Grow is to give teachers information on how much they’re talking with kids durning the day. It’s all about improving language development and supporting your child’s learning environment.

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