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The staff is amazing and I know my little guy is getting the care and attention he needs while we work. - Rachael S. on 09/30/2020

We love how attentive the staff is with our son. Everyone there treats him with so much love as if he were family. We also appreciate the daily logs and pictures we receive. Seeing him interacting with the teachers and students is so nice to see! - Carolyn S. on 09/30/2020

Caring and attentive teachers. Also a curriculum that teaches kids a wide variety of subjects. - John W. on 02/11/2020

Most importantly for me, is the love and tender care which is shown by the teachers in the infant and toddler rooms. My daughters absolutely love the ladies & there strong relationship is palpable when then jump into their arms in the mornings. Developmental wise, the progression in both daughters is on a great trajectory. When I compare them to family members and friends not in day care, their progression is absolutely more advanced. Separately, we have a little friend with Down Syndrome who is non verbal. My eldest daughter (20 months) can now sign some very simple things with him now thanks to Kiddie Academy & this has brought significant comfort and pride to that girls mother. She is very emotional watching her communicate in any way with another child. - Christine K. on 02/11/2020

The teachers and other staff are very friendly and I know my infant is being helped along in his development due to the activities they have him participate in daily. - Rachael S. on 02/04/2020

Teachers and admin staff care for the kids and communication is strong. Love the programming and all activities that kids participate in. Great Job!!! - Vic G. on 12/17/2019

We love the teachers and how they are so passionate what they do. My kids love them and happy to go to Kiddie Academy everyday. We like their educational curriculum and the way it is taught. Also, how beautifully they support diversity when kids from different background come together. Children from all cultures share common bond such as music, languages and art. I always recommend kiddie academy to my family and friends:) - Harleen K. on 11/05/2019

Our daughter was shy and took a long time to warm up in social settings. Now she is her usual outgoing self from the start. Has grown leaps and bounds in terms of social interactions and what she is learning at school. We are tremendously thankful for that. Also for the assistance with her potty training. - Cedric A. on 10/15/2019

The teachers in the infant classroom are amazing. - Kabita B. on 10/08/2019

Lately, i have seen how much my daughter have opened up as she was always shy. I like all the different activities teacher planned for the kids throughout the day. - Diti P. on 10/08/2019

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