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I love how accommodating this school is. The teachers are all kind and very encouraging to the kids. Security and safety is a big one for me and I definitely feel safe here. - Jozlyn D. on 02/08/2024

My child loved it. She was able to enjoy friends and everything after-school and it was easy and convenient. The Staff is amazing. - Reggie H. on 02/08/2024

The leadership is amazing. I enjoy my child’s teacher as well. - Alexis W. on 12/29/2023

Everyone is so nice and helpful. I receive emails about her lessons and meals. Communication is a plus for me and Kiddie Academy always communicates. My daughter goes to Mrs. Maria’s class and she is learning Spanish at an early age. Her handwriting is better, and so is her spelling. - Paula F. on 12/08/2023

I love how easy it is to talk to anyone. The teachers are all very attentive and caring towards both parents and students. I also LOVE how engaged everyone is, especially when they send us photos! - Jessica M. on 10/04/2023

Interactive with the children and keeping them excited to learn. - Jennifer C. on 10/04/2023

The variety of learning and the level of care - Brittany H. on 08/08/2023

My child learned how to write and spell at an early age. She receives homework and that is a plus for me. - Paula F. on 08/08/2023

I love the hours of operation, the staff is very friendly and hands on. I really like that the children do learning activities while there. - Carolina M. on 08/01/2023

My child is 2-1/2 and has been attending Kiddie Academy since 12 weeks old. We LOVE all of the staff. They are so caring, organized, and tentative to all our needs. Couldn't be happier with the care we receive. - Abby S. on 08/01/2023

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