An educational daycare center that will exceed your expectations.

Visit our Batavia, Il Academy, meet our staff, see our classrooms and play on our playgrounds. 

We provide educational daycare near Batavia, IL that focuses on days filled with learning and fun, the key ingredients of our Life Essentials® educational philosophy. The smiles you’ll see on our children’s faces as they learn, share family style meals with other children, and grow socially will delight you. The words from our children’s parents about our program, safety and facility will impress you.

We realize the tremendous level of trust you place in a childcare provider. You want your child to thrive in an environment that's as clean, safe and nurturing as your home. Kiddie Academy is more than daycare. We set the standards for safety, education and trust. Just ask the Kiddie Academy parents of Batavia, IL — they are our best references.

What Kiddie Academy Parents are Saying

We love all of the teachers in the lady bug room. They are very kind, warm and genuinely care about each and every baby. - Lexie A. on 11/07/2017

Everything - Michelle B. on 11/07/2017

Individualized interventions for my son who doesn’t participate and learn like the majority of kids. - Kristen H. on 11/07/2017

Everyone knows my children and appears to genuinely care for them. They learn a lot and are excited to learn. - Melissa M. on 10/20/2017

Children do a lot of activities! - Alma R. on 09/12/2017

It's a great place and I feel very comfortable leaving my children there. - LeeAnn P. on 09/11/2017

That my child leaves me happy! And return to me happy...... and she explodes with all she has learned in her day!!!! And can't wait until the next day ready to explore? - Sherree P. on 08/18/2017

You spend time with the kids one on one also in group settings - Joe L. on 08/13/2017

I love that all the teachers are very friendly and caring with the kids. All activities are very fun interactive and educational. And the best part is that my kids come home excited and happy with what they did in the day. - Yesica N. on 07/15/2017

Good communication from staff. Friendly and safe environment. Fun activities for the kids and curriculum that helps prepare for kindergarten - Kate W. on 07/07/2017

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