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My child absolutely loves going to day care/school every morning and he didn't show that level of enthusiasm prior to attending Kiddie Academy. He just turned 3 years old and the teachers do a great job of fitting in all areas of study throughout each day and are able to keep their attention. My son has developed far more quickly than he would have without the education and child care services he's receiving. We absolutely would recommend Kiddie Academy of Batavia to anyone for educational child care services. - Tonya I. on 04/15/2021

The staff is great - Terrah G. on 04/07/2021

The teachers and staff are amazing!! My daughter and son always have fun at kiddie academy. Kiddie Academy is also structured more like a school rather than a daycare so the transition from Kiddie Academy to Kindergarten and beyond is an easy one. My daughter is the oldest of my kids and she was fully prepared for the kindergarten curriculum when she started and excelled in all subjects. She is now in the first grade and continues to excel. She is at the top of her class with her school work. - Patrick B. on 03/31/2021

The teachers are so caring and give so much effort into each day. The building is clean. The kids learn something new each day and do many fun hands on activities. - Annie N. on 03/31/2021

The staff is great. Miss Ashley, Miss Yahaira, Miss Tonya, and Miss Michele really love what they do and love the kids! That is the most important part of any daycare / school in my opinion. - Clarence D. on 03/31/2021

We love the staff and the wide variety of educational and fun activities that go on all day long. I looked at a lot of daycare providers in the area and surrounding before finding Kiddie Academy and think it is hands down the best place for our child. Thank you! - Allen I. on 03/31/2021

I like the customization to each individual child's needs! And the variety of learning activities. The summer camp program is also super cute/fun. - Devon B. on 03/31/2021

Very professional and caring people. They are excellent teachers, my son has learned so much from them already. - Brianna S. on 03/01/2021

The variety of things my kid is subjected to each day - Connor L. on 02/27/2021

Staff is helpful & quick to answer any questions. Due to Covid, we are unable to be in the building regularly. It seems to be an efficiently run operation. I appreciate email updates & photos. Transition to this facility from our previous was smooth for my child. - Katie D. on 12/04/2020

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