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I really like that the teachers are so loving and take good care of our daughter. Ms. Athena is really a superwoman when she tries to get all kids to sleep. - Shubham Chandra G. on 02/03/2024

We love how much care and attention our kid gets. We look forward to all the events and celebrations and the center organizes. - Harpreet G. on 01/13/2024

We are extremely satisfied with the hard work the teachers and all of the team at KA of Bellevue do to keep our kids safe! - Rodrigo Gonzalez S. on 12/16/2023

Such great and genuine care for my son. Love the energy and passion from teachers and staff :) - Kelsey D. on 11/01/2023

Trained and friendly staff , curriculum based childcare, camera access of your child’s classroom - Hemakshi M. on 11/01/2023

I've seen such a great improvement in 110 and 109! - Sarahi O. on 09/16/2023

Our child learned a lot during his time at Kiddie. The teachers there were very caring, got to know our child super well - his personality, how he tends to interact in different situations, etc. I always felt my child was safe there, and the hours at Kiddie were very flexible for a working schedule. My concerns were always promptly acknowledged and addressed, and I never had an issue reaching anyone at the academy. Overall, a great educational environment. - Brian P. on 09/09/2023

The director and the front desk staff listen carefully and care when I reach out for any request. I trust them and that what makes me commute two hours every day to and from the academy twice daily instead of sending my son to a nearby daycare that’s great too but I didn’t want to risk. I dealt with the teachers in class 104 & 105 so far and few times with the teachers in class 106 too. Ms. Sarahi and Ms. Jie care about the kids from the bottom of their hearts. Both teachers comfort the kids during drop off times if they are crying not just letting them cry it out. If a kid drank from a different kid’s cup they will immediately go and clean it. They make effort to engage the kids in circle time and in different activities. They provide a detailed verbal report about the kids behavior and development which is very helpful. I watched my son most of the time on the camera and can tell that the teachers are caring. Ms Barbra and Ms Judith are caring too. Ms. Judith listen if there’s any concern and that’s a positive attitude even if some mistakes happen. On the other hand I have some concerns/suggestions. Sometimes my son come home with a diaper rash even if I see on the report that they changed him many times during the day. Fast changing after bowl movement would be greatly appreciated. I also noticed many times that the class floor, under the mats, toys, and the trash box are dirty. Kids put their hands everywhere and then lick it. Prober and deep cleaning is needed. I toured many daycares last year and many of them has a rule of leaving outdoor shoes outside of the classroom and wear indoor shoes only inside, like the rule for the infants’ class. I believe that will keep the toddler classrooms much cleaner. Lastly, I highly suggest to keep an eye on the cameras as some teachers just think their responsibility is be in the classroom and serve food without any emotional support. One day last month, Ms. Jie and Ms. Judith were both absent and my son had to stay with a - Dina A. on 09/09/2023

We love the staff, facilities and program! - Rodrigo Gonzalez S. on 09/09/2023

Everyone is so nice and happy to be around kids. - Pankaj L. on 08/19/2023

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