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The time and attention my daughter receives. The confidence they are building within her. The academics she is bringing home daily. This is just the start. My daughter is 3 and loves 'school'. She didn't start out at Kiddie Academy, but you would never know it. She felt comfortable and at home from the start. - Stephanie R. on 06/06/2016

I like the interaction between teachers and kids, the curriculum. The staff is wonderful (mostly). The only thing I don't like its that sometimes I feel like when the kids are outside, some teachers roll up to chat and the kids will be playing with no direct supervision for a while, as a consequence, kids can get hurt and they don't even realize what happened. I would take more care of that. - Laura R. on 04/29/2016

Friendly and caring teachers. - Lear-La S. on 04/23/2016

Curriculum, teachers - Yolanda D. on 04/23/2016

You provide our children with excellent care and preparation for kindergarten. - Michelle D. on 04/16/2016

School like environment - Sarah S. on 04/15/2016

The staff - Alison H. on 04/15/2016

Low teacher turnover and educational instruction - Kate W. on 04/15/2016

Everyone is friendly and knew who my child was from the first day. They have accommodated the 3 different specialty teachers that come and go for his care daily from outside sources very well. - Caitlin P. on 03/15/2016

We love the way teachers treat the kids, the program leads to children development and every activity has a learning goal. Outside and inside playgrounds. Activities with parents. Also we love that we have full access to the facilities, we can go whenever we want and check our kinds online. - Laura R. on 01/28/2016

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We are located at 9920 Sellona Street near the intersection of Brier Creek Parkway and Globe Road.

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