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- The teachers our son has had have been wonderful, loving, and exceptional. - The education weeks are planned out a month in advance - Events both educational and fun are always communicated well in advance - Educational topics and hands-on experiences are carried over to home "to-do" fun activities - Shannon S. on 04/22/2014

The TEACHERS! Always the teachers..It has kept me coming back with my 2nd child...Please remember to take care of them bc they are truly the reason why we love KA so much :) PS Let them wear jeans everyday!! - Kristen G. on 04/22/2014

KA has a wonderful curriculum as well as friendly teachers and staff. KA makes your child feel like a part of a big family and genuinely cares about my child. - Monica G. on 04/22/2014

The attention to detail and the teachers take an interest in my child - Jason T. on 04/22/2014

low teacher turnover, fun activities, and familial atmosphere - Sarai F. on 04/21/2014

Our daycare is clean, organized, and have very friendly staff that our son loves so much! - Michelle M. on 04/18/2014

Organized sleep time (naps are so important) and the facility we were at briefly while still wait listed didn't dim lights or play music it was just a mix of infants and older babies catching cat naps whenever they could amongst chaos. I love you provide meals snacks drinks and I don't have to pack or supply food. The other facility didn't make us supply wipes though (only diapers) no big deal but just an extra thing to remember to bring in. We love the new tadpoles emails/updates! The cameras are pretty bad at kiddie academy. At Kids R Kids the cameras were excellent quality multiple views with rewind/fast forward and pausing capabilities. I like that we set our own doorcode password (easier to remember). The highlight of my day is when you take pictures of him playing and email to us! So appreciated. We love the treats and gifts and art projects....well done! - Amy K. on 04/18/2014

KA has been a perfect choice for our son. The combination of nuturing and structure continues to help him with his growth and social skills. It's a great school with great teachers and administrators. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a positive environment for their child. - Hope T. on 04/17/2014

the quality of teachers who are dedicated to our children in growing their love for learning. - Michelle D. on 04/17/2014

Almost all of the staff seem to really care about the kids and enjoy being with them. I love that everyone knows my kids names and that they know they are related to each other. I think it's a safe, friendly, and caring environment. - Laura H. on 04/17/2014

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We are located at 9920 Sellona Street near the intersection of Brier Creek Parkway and Globe Road.

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