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I love how positive and enthusiastic the room providers are regarding my daughter. I love the artwork they do with her and am always looking forward to it. It's such a nice surprise since she's still so little. They seem to genuinely care about her and enjoy what they do. I love that she gets to go outside since she loves it so much. They are also very accomodating of our cloth diapers, which I know is different than what they are used to, but they don't seem to mind at all. I frequently tell my friends and co-workers what a great place it is and how happy we are to have our daughter there. - Tara C. on 09/20/2012

I absolutely love the facilities. Clean, bright colors, new furniture and equipment, great playground, etc. More importantly I love the staff. My daughter has experienced developmental delays, an I love how the administration and teachers have worked with us. I also love that her teachers are open to her receiving her physical therapy at daycare as well. - Candice P. on 09/20/2012

I love the teachers. They are very engaged with my daughter and her development. I like the security that I feel with my daughter safely in your facility. I have been very happy with your team! - Kimberly P. on 09/20/2012

The teachers genuinely care about the children, the vide cameras are great so I can check in during the day, and overall everyone that works at Kiddie Academy does a great job and has so much care and passion for what they do. - Amy R. on 09/19/2012

I am extremely enthused with the teacher/student ratio. My daughter has been in the 12-18month & the 18-24month class; can not ask for a better group of teachers. - Julia N. on 09/19/2012

Friendly staff, webcam, hot lunches, location - Heidi M. on 09/19/2012

We have been really happy with most of the teachers. We appreciate the extra fun events that you plan for the kids like pony rides, splash day, etc. Everyone is nice but Amy has an exceptionally warming personality and we look forward to seeing her every morning. We also like the smart boards. - Tanisia B. on 06/04/2012

My daughter is learning things far beyond what I thought she would for her age. - Valonda C. on 05/29/2012

Awesome teachers who really care about our kids. Its not just a job to many of them. Just wish the turnover was less! - Jody C. on 05/28/2012

Variety of different activities. The teachers provide excellent services. - Katie K. on 05/28/2012

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We are located at 9920 Sellona Street near the intersection of Brier Creek Parkway and Globe Road.

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