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The teachers - Laura H. on 12/12/2018

The teachers! - Amanda L. on 11/13/2018

We couldn't be happier with the teachers in the young infant classroom. Nora loves her teachers and is always in a great mood when she comes home. - Chris B. on 09/26/2018

I like the variety of learning. I like the art projects. I also like that our teacher is bilingual and is already teaching our older 1 year old some words in Spanish. I like the weekly newsletter and the family of the month. I also enjoy seeing the wall of teacher bios as well as the area where we can leave appreciation notes for them. I also like that there is a special parking spot for teacher of the month. They work hard and I'm glad they know (or hope they know) they are appreciated! :) Water play is fun in the summer. I also really like the coffee because I am on the go and it is helpful in the mornings. I like the open door policy and honesty. Most importantly, I really like that the teachers seem caring and want to help my children grow. Few suggestions for improvement are: Remove that wooden thing under the check in/out screen, or add bumpers/rounded corners. I've bumped into it a few times, and my older child has poked himself in the head many times. Is it possible to put the other check-in screen in the same room as the other? I know we can walk through to get to it, but I feel like other parents who are in there are weary to let a stranger through the door. Is it possible to have a garden? I think it is a great idea to have a garden where kids could either learn to grow vegetables, flowers, etc, and that might help them learn to make more healthy food choices if they can participate and see it in action. Overall, I recommend Kiddie Academy to anyone who asks about child care. - Kimberly G. on 09/18/2018

B - Arvind T. on 07/19/2018

Caring teachers, good curriculums and lots of fun activities. - Shanshan Z. on 05/23/2018

The people that work there are all amazing and really ease our mind when we drop off our child each day. - Matthew F. on 03/16/2018

Great staff, wonderful facility, caring people! - Bridget B. on 03/11/2018

How in tune the teachers are with the babies! - Jenna L. on 02/21/2018

The daily lessons for the child and the open playing area. - Arvind T. on 01/09/2018

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We are located at 1450 Tryon Manor Drive, at the corner of Walnut and Tryon, behind Harris Teeter.

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