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The caring teachers who really pay attention to what my child is doing through out the day and let me know how/what my little guy was doing. Also, love the ability to check in on the cameras. - Sierra C. on 08/14/2017

Everyone is friendly and very good with children. They make you feel like family. The atmosphere is very welcoming and you receive updates on what your child has done that day. The facility is always clean. Daily updates on what your child has learned or projects they are exploring is very helpful as you can then further discuss these projects at home. - Denise M. on 08/14/2017

Great teachers. Great environment. Very clean and professional. Live cam is the best feature, parents can access the camera all day long. It's just great to see how your kiddos are doing in the school. - Xiaoshan G. on 07/28/2017

I like that: My child comes home telling me things she's learned My child participates in art activities and that we get little keepsakes every week The teachers are always keeping them active around the classroom with exercise The assistance in potty training seems to be going great When she can't fall asleep at nap time they pat her back They teach the kids nursery rhymes. She came home singing all of the words to a song about a tiny turtle named Tim and even knew the hand gestures that go along with it. My child has simply flourished educationally and socially. She used to be the kid sitting by herself at kid parties and now she gets in the middle of the group and joins in. I feel confident that KA is preparing her for a successful start when she starts school. - Chelsie D. on 07/11/2017

Very organized, - Beth W. on 07/11/2017

The Academy is very kid oriented puts them first and the staff is wonderful. - Rachel J. on 07/11/2017

I love how big my daughters imagination has grown the past few months. She goes to bed every night telling me that she gets to go to school tomorrow! I love that she is surrounded by people who truly care about my child. - Sarah B. on 07/11/2017

Family type atmosphere, staff is very caring, - Stephanie B. on 07/11/2017

Exceptional! - Ashley D. on 07/02/2017

We love that we get so much communication between the staff and parents. Love how you can enter or exit the door at Kiddie Academy and someone is always there to say hello or goodbye. - Samantha H. on 06/14/2017

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