Testimonials from Kiddie Academy of College Station

“His interactions with other kids has helped him with his speech and has helped him learn more about sharing. He i believe the routine has helped him ”

Joshua M.


“Exceptional staff! Our baby loves going there each day and is learning so much.”

Miguel O.


“There seems to be plenty of conversation, which I believe is great for babies to listen to it.”

Anthony D.


“Everyone is communicative and the kids seem to genuinely have a good time at daycare instead of being upset to have to go. I also like that we are given a curriculum and can see what the kiddos are up to every day. ”

Brittany C.


“I like that Myra Faith is enjoying and learning her alphabet, the pace she is going this will boost her confidence when Myra starts kindergarten in August 2021 !! ”

Lydia K.


“The curriculum”

Zachary W.


“The teachers and staff do a great job of instructing the children and provide a very personal touch while being easy to work with. ”

Saxon D.


“KA is reliable, my daughter is well cared for during the day and is learning new things all the time. I know it isn’t frequent but I do miss having the later pick up option until 6:30 pm.”

Chelsea V.


“Love the staff! Very personable and friendly.”

Allyn C.


“I absolutely love the care and compassion that they offer to our little one! I never question the level of care, curriculum, or consistency of learning. Kiddie Academy is always quick to notify us if we have any issues arise and we LOVE that they make us feel like family. We would recommend them time and time again!”

Amber S.


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