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We have only had our 2.5 yr old there for a month, and she has never been in a bigger class like this before. She is doing so well, comes home singing songs she has learned and telling us about the kids in class etc. - Emily B. on 09/02/2023

Good consistency and curriculum, facility is clean and has lots of technology options as the kids get older - Laura F. on 08/15/2023

Kiddie academy has been a safe, fun, educational place to send my preschool child. Most of their staff truly value being part of an exceptionally professional environment and help my child thrive thru an educational “play base” curriculum. My child has truly enjoyed being part of the Princeton and Yale classroom experience and has learned the value of friendship, discipline and has gained several life skills in which I know he will use when attending his early education. I Can not express enough the importance of early childhood education in today’s society. I would highly recommend Kiddie Academy to any family looking to advance their child’s emotional and mental health while allowing them to advance academically. - Bianca C. on 08/12/2023

We saw so much growth in Noah after he started at kiddie! Great friends, great community and great teachers! - Ariel R. on 08/08/2023

Everyone knows my daughter and treats her so well - Kristin D. on 07/18/2023

I feel safe when my kids are there and the staff is wonderful. In addition there is very little turnover of staff so everyone knows everyone! - David C. on 07/01/2023

I appreciate the staff working with my son who can be challenging at times. Also appreciate that it helps add structure to my child's life... Whether he wants it or not. I feel it's valuable that he understand it's not always about him. - Eric J. on 06/27/2023

Everyone at Kiddie Academy Columbine seems to really care about their job and it feels like they have created almost a family. I feel like my son is truly being cared about and not just looked after. I love the update photos and seeing all the fun activities they do! - Hannah S. on 06/21/2023

It’s a great childcare facility with excellent staff and services. The only complaint is the ongoing pilot light issue that needs to be addressed so the pilot light doesn’t keep going out. - Chrtistopher P. on 06/17/2023

Childcare is educationally based and staff is friendly/easy to work with. - Cassandra S. on 05/27/2023

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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