I like the people! The teachers really work hard to create a fun and educational program, but they are also genuinely great people that I know love my children and keep their best interest at heart! I know that my children are always busy, they are safe, they are learning all kinds of things, and they are learning how to get along with others and be kind. - Carolyn F. on 10/01/2017

Teachers are really involved with each child's individual development. There is an actual education these children are receiving, it's not just dropping your child off for someone to watch while you're at work. There is true compassion shown by the teachers and staff at Kiddie Academy. We highly recommend it to everyone who asks. - Emily B. on 09/19/2017

My son has learned so much and expanded his vocabulary greatly in a few short months. - Lyndsay B. on 09/17/2017

My child learns so much while still having fun! - Kelly C. on 09/12/2017

Daily updates on how my child is progressing against the curriculum. Engagement of teachers and administrators. - Brooke H. on 09/09/2017

Like that all activities work around a curriculum. The teachers are very attentive and responsive towards children. - Arshveen G. on 08/26/2017

That my child seems to like "school" anf her ability to count and vocalization of items and words continue to grow. She also loves her teachers. - Melanie N. on 08/01/2017

The creativity that is used for learning in all aspects of education. - Amy M. on 07/30/2017

Very positive environment for the kids. Mona and staff are outstanding ! - Vrinda P. on 07/27/2017

Fantastic staff, great educational lesson plans and activities - Bryan M. on 07/27/2017

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