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We appreciate the positivity of the staff and thorough communication. We feel our kids are safe. We like that there are very clear learning objectives throughout the curriculum, and we like that there are cameras throughout the facility in case we ever need to review something. Our kids come home happy every day, excited about their time they spent at school, and they look forward to going back on Mondays after the weekend. We notice that our kids are growing and learning at a good pace and feel they will be ready for kindergarten when that time comes. - Jenika M. on 03/04/2021

I love the staff at Kiddie Academy and their compassion. - Katie P. on 03/04/2021

I like best when they attach photos that accompany the lesson/skill in the curriculum - Christina F. on 03/04/2021

We love the fun and engaging environment and curriculum for our son! - Rahul P. on 03/04/2021

The amount of time, dedication and effort put forth by the owner, director and teachers is UNPARALLELED. The attention to detail, the one on one time my child gets is something I feel is so rare in childcare these days. We’ve had nannies, tried other childcare places (Kindercare and Children First) and nothing comes close to Kiddie Academy of Crown Point! - Sarita W. on 03/04/2021

I love everything about Kiddie Academy! The staff is wonderful, the programs/education is fun for the kiddos, and the routine is great! It is also wonderful having the daily communication through the app as well as the camera viewing whenever I want to check in on my son. We absolutely love Kiddie Academy and recommend it to anyone looking for childcare! - Amanda R. on 03/04/2021

The teachers truly care about my child! The building is clean and well maintained. There is excellent communication between the staff and my family about my child. I love that the teachers send me picture of my child during the day, especially when she is doing something new or meeting a new milestone, but all pictures are great. - Jeffery C. on 03/04/2021

My children have learned a lot from the staff there. Every day they continue to teach my children something new and work on their motor skills. - Olivia S. on 10/03/2020

I'm satisfied with everything so far. - Ali G. on 10/03/2020

Staff! - Jennifer B. on 10/03/2020

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