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All the teachers and the directors are really good. They have extended hours and provide video cameras so you can peek during the day. My daughter loved going to Kiddie Academy everyday. - Avi A. on 08/25/2015

The facility is very clean and bright. It serves several age groups but it does not appear overcrowded or noisy. The teachers and staff in toddler classroom are very empathetic to individual needs of each kid and are willing to work with parents to make sure each child adapts to the environment quickly. Our daughter had a rough transition from nanny care to daycare as she was going through severe stranger anxiety and hated closed rooms. However, the teachers and staff were very patient and allowed us to extend and adapt the transition period. Miss Jenna was very warm and patient with our daughter and worked diligently to build trust with our girl. Our daughter is doing much better now and is very social. - Smriti M. on 08/21/2015

professionalism, cleanliness and long hours - Paul W. on 08/14/2015

The teachers in the infant room are all wonderful. They care about the babies and it shows. I also appreciate being able to watch my son via webcam and getting daily reports about his meals, naps, and diaper changes. The one thing I would change is to send the reports with updates throughout the day instead of just at the end of the day. For example, it's useful to know if my son will need a mini-nap after I pick him up, just so I can plan if I am going to go home right away or perform an errand. All in all, we really like Kiddie Academy! - Christella T. on 08/12/2015

Every adult there seems to really care about the kids. - Todd G. on 08/07/2015

Friendly Staff and Cleanliness of the school. - Ravindra U. on 08/04/2015

I love the cleanliness of the facility and the constant attempts to create new and exciting programs for the children. - Anne S. on 08/04/2015

There is a caveat with this rating...I would recommend KA to people that have similar ideas about how to teach and whose methods of parenting were in line with what I have experienced at KA - Janet B. on 08/04/2015

KA is a very professional organization. They work hard every day to expose the children to literature, science, the arts, and physical activity etc. - Mary C. on 07/31/2015

The staff is friendly and my kids are excited about learning. - Julien T. on 07/30/2015

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