Kiddie Academy® of West End


People, activities, way of teaching and behaving, pacience. - Stefana R. on 03/26/2018

everything! the love the teachers give all of the children shows and makes the biggest difference. I love how much my son has learned in such a short amount of time. I wouldn't have him go anywhere else! - Noelle T. on 03/13/2018

Wonderful teachers and atmosphere for our kids! - Jeff M. on 02/14/2018

I love how the teachers stimulate children and all the different activities they organize. I also love how much they care about the children and the amount of amazing things they teach them everyday! We are moving away and Kiddie Academy will be one of the things we'll miss the most!!! - Maria Paula Z. on 02/13/2018

From the very beginning it has been obvious that the teachers care so much for their kids. Many other top-notch (by reputation and price!) day cares in DC have clean, safe facilities and activities for the kids, and Kiddie Academy is no different there. But at Kiddie Academy the teachers are so much more engaged, excited to see the kids each day, and leading activities and joining in play. That's something we just haven't seen at other day cares, and it gives us such joy and comfort to know our son has such a warm, happy place to be every day. - Benjamin R. on 02/13/2018

I love that each activity is tied to a developmental/educational goal. The teachers are caring and attentive, and the individual attention not only from teachers but also from owners/managers is wonderful. - Jill A. on 02/04/2018

Teachers love my baby very much, and I believe they give her excellent care and attention. - Elizabeth W. on 01/28/2018

The teachers and administration - Moulin D. on 01/15/2018

Teachers - Sylvia B. on 01/13/2018

We have been so happy with KA! The teachers are phenomenal, and work very hard to make the children happy, safe, and loved. The administration has been wonderful in addressing any of our concerns. Milena and Ms. Dorcas have always been readily available, prompt in responding to any questions, and willing to work with us to address any concerns. Our kids have learned so much in a play-based environment. - Ivana Z. on 01/13/2018

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