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Our academy was founded on the belief that the days of a child should be fun-filled, educational and safe. These are the core principles of our Life Essentials® educational philosophy. Through hot meals served family style and daily educational activities, we create an environment that is loved by children and trusted by their parents.

We understand the enormous level of trust you place in your childcare provider. That’s why we make it our mission to make sure our facilities are as safe and comfortable as your home. From secure entry systems to instant access webcams, we create and foster and environment of safety that will put your mind at ease.

Our school sets the standards for childhood education, safety and trust. Take it from our Delran, NJ parents – they’re our best references.

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What Kiddie Academy Parents are Saying

The amount of activities included in the day and the extras like dance, sports and parent nights make it unmatched. It's worth the sacrifice every time. - Naomi M. on 10/29/2017

I like the way my baby has a such good care!! - Geralda S. on 10/13/2017

I love that my child's teacher really teaches. She doesn't just watch the kids, or let them run around all day. Almost everyday my child comes home with something she's done that day. Not to mention, you're able to watch your child via thru out the day. I know my child is in good… - Selena T. on 08/11/2017

I am very happy with Kiddie Academy and the care given to my child. The teachers are approachable, honest and friendly. They really do go the extra mile to care for my child. Area for improvement: The tadpole tool is an excellent selling feature for Kiddie Academy and it puts parents concerns at ease knowing… - Ashley W. on 07/31/2017

Kiddie Academy caters to a child's educational development and centers it's entire day on this premise. I find my child questioning and trying to figure things out on her own, whether it's trying to add numbers or asking questions about science. She also has a tendency to repeat what has been taught to her by… - Myriam F. on 06/17/2017

We love it there!!! - Erin W. on 06/16/2017

The teachers take the time with each child to teach them. They have cameras where you can watch your child. All staff our welcoming! - Vanessa S. on 06/16/2017

Everything .. everybody is really nice there. One thing just wish this year the penguins kids didn't have to go throu so many teachers.. - Myrielle D. on 06/10/2017

All personnel have been exceptional! - Jane L. on 05/21/2017

I like that you monitor my child's development. He participates in developmental activities regularly and the teachers communicate with me on his progress. I like that you "know" my child. You monitor his needs and behaviors when he has had vaccinations or is trying new feeds. You are sensitive to my feelings when I am… - Jessica S. on 05/16/2017

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