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All owners, administrators and teachers have the best interest for your child. They are willing to listen to concerns and help be a team with you and your child. The teachers have planned activities and lesson plans to give your child developmental skills and abilities to be creative. My child enjoys going to school and talks about his friends. - Jessica G. on 04/04/2023

Teachers are AMAZING - Rebecca W. on 02/09/2023

Number one by far has been how easy KA is for two working parents. So many of the other good daycare options seem designed to only work if you have one parent at home. Only being closed on federal holidays and the few holiday breaks is HUGE. Having flexible drop off and pickup hours is huge. Providing meals so we're not packing lunches late at night or at the last minute before leaving in the morning is huge. I recommend Kiddie Academy to everyone I can and if I encounter other parents who want to act all snooty about their fancy daycare I tell them how wonderful and convenient KA is and they have to admit that, yeah, that actually does sound much better! We used to send our boy to the JCC and the care there was great but the calendar and the hours were very challenging. We are totally in love with KA ad so grateful that you opened up at just the time when we really needed the change. - James M. on 02/09/2023

We love the teachers, creativity and amazing growth we’ve seen. Our two year old has learned to count, abc’s, put on her own coat, her vocabulary has expanded drastically and she is exposed to so many interesting lessons (weather, community, animals, science, history, etc) - Sara R. on 02/09/2023

You guys are great and flexible - Patrick L. on 02/09/2023

Every person that works at kiddie Academy is amazing, very nice, understanding, patience, passionate. I am truly blessed that my child receives so much love and care from all the staff. - Paris S. on 02/09/2023

I like that there is time built into creative play (art expression), movement (outdoor time, indoor tumbling, and soon yoga!), reading, and social interaction through play and eating together. I like that each day/week has a theme. I like that many of the care providers/teachers are wonderful with children and have great energy and patience. - Lindsey T. on 02/06/2023

Management is wonderful, and most of the teachers seem engaged and committed to delivering the stellar curriculum at Kiddie Academy. - Fred K. on 02/05/2023

The school is great and clean. Sometimes it does feel a little stuffy walking in, some of the staff are not as friendly as others. Some are great! My one concern we are having in the class is the potty training. Maybe the teachers are not as skilled as hoped in helping us potty train. Overall pretty happy, we that our child is safe and loved at the school. - Heather B. on 02/03/2023

Great and clean building, meals included, friendly staff members, enrichment activities like soccer - Minwoo J. on 02/03/2023

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