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My daughter started preschool this past September. She went in with speech delays and difficulty remembering small things like colors and in the 4 months that she has been there she is speaking in full sentences, knows all her colors and can even count to 10! The teachers are lovely and I never worry about the care and attention she’s getting. - Margaret J. on 01/22/2024

Our children are doing amazing. Ms.Rani has been amazing in our 3yr old daughter's educational and speech development. So happy with her and our girl. Ms. Minal and a previous worker Ms Arlene have such an amazing understanding of child development and fostered her growth . She was unable to roll over and had limited range of motion. We where so proud to see her start moving more after a month Now she is walking at 12month. We were blessed to have these wonderful people guide our children. - Idalia C. on 12/04/2023

The teachers have always treated my son with kindness, care, and love. I'm always impressed how every teacher knows every kid and makes them feel welcomed as soon as they walk in the door. - Nicole L. on 11/07/2023

Everyone at kiddie academy loves our little one so much. We appreciate how much all the teachers care about the kids! - Arielle L. on 10/16/2023

Great care and consideration is given to the children! - Dina M. on 09/05/2023

We enjoyed the scheduled camp trips which make the most of summer! - Linda M. on 08/08/2023

I really like this school's environment, the colorful classrooms filled with kids activities and its staff members who always there with a big smile and love to answers our every queries.. As a parent we always wondered what is our kids are doing and all? But here in kiddie Academy they allowed us to watch them via cctv, so I really feel relax at home. They always do lots of fun activities to engage these energetic kids. As my daughter is enjoying her school time so we made the right decision sending her to Kiddie Academy i must say! - Debasmita B. on 08/07/2023

We love the teachers, the facility, and staff at KA. It’s wonderful that the kids are provided food and milk but I wish the foods overall were healthier options. (Less sugars, etc). We are pleased with our experience so far ! - Mindy S. on 08/01/2023

Great place! Friendly and caring staff. - Michelle B. on 07/02/2023

Our son has been with Kiddie Academy at East Brunswick for about one and half year. And we have to say we really enjoy here: First, the academy has an excellent enriched program for the kids to play and learn. We have always been amazed by how much our son learned at the academy like the life cycle of the plant, and of course math & words as well. Second, the academy has a really caring team. Our son occasionally had troubles of being willing to go and stay at school and may have an emotion breakdown. Whenever that happens, the teachers and stuff have always been there calming him down, cuddling him and making him feel better. They also do a really good job praising how my son is doing which really helps him boost his confidence. Third, the academy offers lots of activities which we enjoy a lot. This includes fun activities on Mother's Day, Music Party etc. In general, we would really recommend Kiddie for your beloved little ones. - Hong W. on 05/30/2023

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