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The life essentials and the connection between student, teacher and parents. - Sadey K. on 08/27/2023

Interactive lessons with children along with age appropriate activities. We especially enjoy the parent involvement opportunities. - Jocelynn M. on 07/09/2023

Kiddie Academy staff treats my child like family - Sandra L. on 07/05/2023

It is a quality service, a very friendly and attentive work team. We are happy that our children are under your care. - Harmer S. on 07/02/2023

It is very tentative to my child that makes her happy and enjoy being there. It help her develop her skills and grow as an individual. - Andri D. on 05/06/2023

This school is amazing. It’s more then a “daycare” my children have flourished here and the EVERY staff member knows my children as well as my husband and I. It feels like home and I’m so blessed to have had kiddie academy of Elyson in our lives! - Samantha S. on 04/12/2023

Compassionate care by warm staff - Sandra L. on 03/26/2023

Staff is always communicative and very good instructional program! - Lekisha H. on 03/20/2023

I think overall Kiddie Academy is a wonderful institution and would recommend to anyone looking to out while child in daycare. Some areas of feedback - I’ve observed that the size of the classes seem to be a challenge to manage consistently and cause faculty to become overwhelmed. Also, seems like screen time is used more often than necessary to manage transitions as children are promoted to older classes. I feel like books can be read aloud to the kids vs. Putting them in front of a screen to keep them in one place, which provides continuous exposure to reading and story telling. Also helps teach impulse control. Otherwise - I feel like kids thrive educationally and become prepared well for kindergarten. - Barbara B. on 03/19/2023

The are great.. they provide great care and are always ready to help with any needs that you may have. - Alexandra V. on 03/19/2023

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