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We like the interaction with the children and the Tadpoles and WatchMeGrow apps which allow us to have a better idea of how his day went. Date night is a great idea also. Keep up the good work. - Belinda P. on 11/04/2018

The teachers are really great and there are so many different activities. I also love the cameras, the pictures throughout the day and the daily report. - Christine P. on 11/03/2018

Love love love you guys! All the teachers are attentive and passionate about these kiddos. William just lights up when we pull in to kiddie academy! I feel confident that he is safe and well cared for with you guys. - Elisa S. on 10/26/2018

Great program, my son is learning so much. I’m very impressed. They do lots of fun things with the kids and the teachers are amazing! - Frederiek Van Der M. on 10/26/2018

I love the weekly goals and the activities built around them. - Alexa P. on 10/15/2018

The teachers are attentive and caring. They seem knowledgeable and do a good job exposing the kids to various concepts through learning activities. I like the variety of things that they do throughout the day including painting/art and outdoor play time. - Chirag R. on 10/06/2018

Good activities, nice people, safe environment. My daughter loves it there. - Sunny L. on 09/22/2018

The staff is amazing, I love the cameras so I can watch my daughter play, the tadpoles app. It’s all wonderful - Kylie M. on 09/22/2018

Excellent staff and all around just great people. Instrumental in my child’s development. - Mike R. on 09/21/2018

My child loves coming to school each day. She has learned so much. - Tina H. on 08/20/2018

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