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I feel that Kiddie Academy is more than jsut a daycare. They teach the children from day one. The babies are not just there to play and grow. They are really learning. My son is where he is today because of the wonderful care he receives at Kiddie Academy. - Allison S. on 02/19/2013

Staff is very friendly and attentive. My son is learning so much. We always get feedback on what he does during the day. - Paul M. on 02/19/2013

The structure and cleanliness are perfect. Always happy atmosphere is wonderful. - Jeanette S. on 02/19/2013

I like the variety if daily activities as well as the organization. I feel as though my son has learned so much from being there. Most importantly I feel safe dropping him off. I also enjoy the open door policies. - Christin R. on 02/19/2013

Great and caring teachers and staff. - Fu Wing L. on 02/19/2013

The pesonlization with the children from the teachers - Edward S. on 01/28/2013

It is very clean and safe. My children seem to love their teachers and are happy when I come to get them. - Laurie G. on 01/28/2013

Kiddie Academy of Farmingdale is awesome!!!! The entire staff including the director and owner are always so welcoming to all the children when you come in every morning. I love the open communication policy that they have. I can call up anytime of day to get an update on how my son is doing. I also love the wonderful activities that my son participates in daily. Great job and keep up the wonderful work you guys all do at Kiddie Academy of Farmingdale. - Pattie L. on 01/24/2013

My son Dylan loves going to Kiddie Academy. His teachers are great and you can tell they really care for their students. The school is extremely clean and is a great environment for learning. I feel confident sending my son to this school and I know he is going to be loved and cared for while I am at work. Nothing but the best praise Kiddie Academy of Farmingdale. - Marissa L. on 01/24/2013

Kiddie Academy Farmingdale center does an excellent job overall with all apsects of their child care serices. I can see my son Benjamin learning differnt things everyday and at the same - having a lots of fun. We also love Audrey's teachers. Ms Sharon and Ms Laura are very caring and they do a fantastic job with the babies. - Peter L. on 01/21/2013

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