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Open & Enrolling With Enhanced Health Precautions

December 9, 2020

Kiddie Academy of Florham Park is open again to care for your child! We’re excited to offer the same quality educational child care you’ve come to expect from our Academy, plus enhanced health and safety procedures to give you peace of mind while your child explores and discovers throughout the day. Our new health and safety measures include:

  1. Entrance temperature monitoring
  2. Daily Laundering
  3. Nightly disinfection of classrooms
  4. Staff and children frequently washing hands. All children wash their hands upon entering the classroom and throughout the day after each activity.
  5. All staff received Health and Safety Training
  6. Children learn how to follow proper hygiene practices
  7. Daily Health check is completed upon arrival
  8. All staff wear masks in the classroom teaching children.
  9. All toys are removed and disinfected if put in mouth
  10. Disinfection of door knobs and frequently used items throughout the day.
  11. Sensory play is no longer shared. Children use individual sensory play items only.


Learn more about our programs, our health and safety program, or for more information about enrollment, you can call 973.399.2200 directly.